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Let’s unpack friendship in the context of The Mommy Club

We are 10 episodes into the reality show featuring five glamorous moms living in the luxe lane, The Mommy Club. If the social streets are anything to go by, there’s a lot to unpack.

We were first introduced to The Mommy Club in June and a lot has happened since we first shared our thoughts. Friendship has been a major talking point so let’s get into it!!!

First…Mrs Mops’ relationship with Miss Manche; the 2 ladies hit it off at first sight and their budding friendship seemed promising but the first sign of trouble was when Miss Manche poured water on Mrs Mops when the “wild” comment resurfaced. They seemed to have moved past the issue but found themselves at loggerheads again at Mrs Mops’ event when a wholesome evening turned sour after the game, “never have I ever” was introduced. It became clear very quickly that said game was a guise for issues that had been bubbling for a while. Questions like “on behalf of South Africa, who’s your baby daddy?” led to an exchange of insults between Omuhle, Nunurai and Her Majesty. Miss Manche excused herself, as she was touched after Ratile told her to relax herself. A statement she didn’t take kindly to, considering their own drama regarding past and present friendships. Real talk though…did Ratile cross the line by prying into Miss Manche’s affairs with her former BFF Kefi? Also, did Miss Manche not swerve into Ratile’s lane by recounting the events relayed to her by Miss Manche’s friend?

It seems there are a lot of blurred lines in this mommy group. We were never ready for the drama that ensued at Nunurai’s event though...things escalated from 0 to 100 in 2.5 seconds. And it’s also clear that there are 2 camps at this point. Love how Miss Manche kept her cool though, yes ma’am!

Let’s settle this once and for all there satellite in Bulawayo? While we’re still here, let’s talk about expectations…was Mrs Mops well within her friendship rights to expect Miss Manche to follow her camp? Also, didn’t Mrs Mops express that she didn’t agree with Miss Manche’s sentiments that she should’ve followed her when she walked out following her altercation with Ratile at the previous event? We have a lot of questions but what we know for sure is that there’s never a dull moment so trust that we’ll be camping on the Showmax website next Tuesday.

In the interim, these are some of the reactions on Twitter.

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