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Her Majesty's efforts to create a safe space fall short in the latest episode of The Mommy Club S2

Season 2 of The Mommy Club has been a rollercoaster ride, and in the latest episode, Her Majesty, took it upon herself to foster an environment of openness and healing among the ladies but her efforts fell flat.

The newest addition to the cast, Nozipho Ntshangase, dropped a bombshell revelation about her husband taking another wife. This revelation sparked intense discussions on social media, with many questioning the decision of the second wife to marry a man with 8 children. Adding fuel to the fire, a leaked video surfaced, exposing Nozi's husband's harsh behaviour as he verbally lashed out at his family.

Prompted by Happy to probe, Mrs Mops asked Nozi to open up about her marital woes. And she confided in Mrs Mops about the toll the situation has taken on her mental health. In an attempt to provide support, Happy organised a getaway to the Vaal, hoping to give the ladies a break from their everyday responsibilities. However, the evening picnic hit a rough patch with Happy's late arrival and a game introduced by Mrs. Sande that took an unexpected turn.

Tensions escalated when Her Majesty was triggered by Oratile's remarks, quickly turning the atmosphere from calm to chaotic. Despite efforts to salvage the situation, the ladies ultimately decided to call it a night.

As we delve deeper into the dynamics of the friendship group with each episode, it's becoming increasingly clear that there are rifts within the circle. And viewers remain sceptical of Happy's true intentions, especially considering her past interactions with the group. These reactions have flooded social media platforms, reflecting the ongoing drama within The Mommy Club.

These are just some of the reactions on ‘X’

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