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Joburg dad, Lwazi Mngoma shares heartwarming message for Father’s Day

We reached out to millennial dads and asked them to share their wish for Father’s day. One particular response from Joburg based creative and business director, Lwazi Mngoma captured our hearts. On that sweet note, Happy Father’s Day to all the present dads.

“As a relatively young father in South Africa, I find that Father's Day holds a particularly special significance for me. Growing up in a single parent household for the bulk of my childhood, I always knew that the need to change the proverbial narrative was going to be strong. Being in the presence of responsible and supportive fathers, was equally important as having strong mothers who never failed to show up and lead.

Now, as I embark on my own journey of fatherhood, I've gained a deeper appreciation for the profound impact a father can have. The ability to simply show up carries so much weight and no matter the circumstances between the parents, the resonance children find in their fathers is a feeling like no other.

My wish is for my son to be able to look into my eyes and ,whether words are said or not, and without hesitation for him to know how deeply he is loved, how proud I am of him and how every day I pray for his strength and wisdom. I wish that he grows into a pillar in society, a man of courtesy, affection, kindness and great differential in the community. In my role as a father, I wish for long life to help him where he needs me, guide him when he asks me and shout his praises for when he has done well.“ - Lwazi Mngoma

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