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The fit fellas we are crushing on this Monday

If you see us always online on the gram, we are probably checking out these guys.

You know as GLAMOUR girls we love us some man candy, and the fitter he is the better. Here are five of the hottest fit guys on Mzansi Instagram who distract us from time to time;

Tino Chinyani

He is a television presenter and model, and he can get it. He is not only fit but he is a lurker. That smile just makes us melt. We wouldn't mind him inviting us to workout with him. 

Lwando Mfaxa

We are sure just like us, all 32K of Lwando followers agree that he is body goals. We definitely see ourselves discuss some wellness with this Wellness Coach. 

Kallas Eksteen

We know he is married, so we will just stay crushing. Kallas abs are everything.

Jonathan Leahy

We not only think Jonathan is man candy material but we are so in love with his tatoos, they make him look so hot. 

Tumi Seeco

Tumi serves some heat on his Insta. Sometimes we go back and look and wonder if his abs are really real. We are still waiting on him to give us a few classes to ace the fitness game. 

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