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Motivation Monday: These epic reads will fill your cup

If you’ve been feeling low or demotivated, snuggle up with one of these pick-me-up books to shift your perspective.

Embrace your elegant power

by Nicky Rowbotham

It’s not uncommon to experience fatigue or burnout towards the end of the year, signalling the need to permit yourself to pause for a physical or emotional boost. Author, Speaker, and leader in the professional space, Nicky’s latest offering allows you to do just that. You’ll find these powerful, transformative stories and insights inspiring. RRP R270,

Discipline is Destiny: The Power of Self-Control

by Ryan Holiday

Self-mastery is the first step to achieving the life we desire, including our emotions, thoughts and actions. The best-selling author of Courage is Calling draws on historical figures’ experiences to make the idea of self-discipline more accessible. Holiday’s teachings will guide you on a journey of self-mastery, and you’ll reap the benefits of self- discipline, balance and boundary setting. RRP R360.

The Audacity: Why Being Too Much Is Exactly Enough

by Katherine Ryan

Imagine being audacious enough to be whoever the f*ck you want? To speak your mind and not worry about what strangers think of you? Katherine is the girl she thinks she is – and you can be too. If you’ve been feeling heavy, it might be time to shed the weight of other people’s opinions and start living life on your terms. Grab a cocktail, get comfortable and prepare to get real -– and if anyone ever told you you’re too much, this book permits you to say, it’s the audacity, for me! RRP R240.


by Devon Frankin

Are your expectations of yourself and others distorting your perspective? Having too many expectations can steal your joy and stop you from enjoying life in the moment. This critically acclaimed author helps you unlock the secret to a happier life, affirming that it’s possible to experience freedom and peace. But first, you have to let go of the idea of how life should be and allow yourself to experience joy in the moment. RRP R305.

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