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Wellness practitioner Lauren Eckstrom on how to use meditation to take control of your life

In their streaming platform, Inner Dimension TV, Lauren Eckstrom and her husband Travis Eliot share cinematic online yoga, meditation and personal growth content.

If you’re wondering about the role of meditation in fighting fatigue and burnout and why it’s a viable option, Eckstrom affirms that not only is it accessible at any time, from anywhere it’s also free. “And, it’ll unquestionably change your life for the better if you’re willing to commit to it.”

Here, she enlightens us on why it’s time to consider meditation to feel more aligned and in control of your life.

Glamour: What is it about meditation that eases the mind and body?

Lauren Eckstrom: The body is always in the present moment, but the mind is almost always in the future or the past. As a result, tension arises from stress, anxiety or fear, which manifests in the physical body and the mind. With meditation, the mind is attuned to the present moment – what’s happening right here and now – and, as a result, returns to the reality that everything is OK, or challenging. When we’re truly rooted in the present moment, we’re safe. The body has a visceral response to this realisation that leads to physical, mental and emotional easing.

G: How can you adopt meditation as a daily practice instead of seeing it as something to do when stressed?

LE: See your meditation practice as a part of your daily ritual, no different to brushing your teeth. You wouldn’t start your day without brushing your teeth, so why would you start or end your day without connecting to yourself or clearing the slate of your mind? But, most importantly, get to know the benefits of the practice: because once you realise how meditation can impact your overall health, emotional resilience, and the physical composition of your brain, you’ll no longer question its benefits.

G:How do you create a safe space for meditation?

LE: Choose a place where you’ll be relatively undisturbed. I say relatively because disturbance is a natural part of life. If you set the expectation that your environment will be ‘perfect’, you’ll be sorely disappointed, and your mind will find things to complain about; and then you won’t be meditating, you’ll be ruminating. It’s OK if you hear sounds. The intention is Commit to 30 days and choose a doable duration.

Lauren’s top tips for optimum results

  • Choose a time of day that’s appropriate for you (whether first thing in the morning, before bed, or both).
  • Be kind and compassionate to yourself.
  • Find a buddy.
  • Follow a meditation series or programme.

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