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5 solo travel myths you need to stop believing

The idea of travelling alone may not appeal to everyone. Some people are either scared or they tend to believe ridiculous myths regarding solo travel.

Solo travel can be empowering - by pushing you out of your comfort zone or your strengthening problem-solving abilities. Also, it allows plenty of opportunities for adventure.

If you're considering a solocation, here are five solo travel myths you probably should not believe:

Solo travel is only for those who are single

You can be married or be in a relationship and still opt to travel alone. Sometimes, as individuals, you will have different interests or commitments, which will keep you from travelling at the same time.

You won't have any photos of yourself

Hello? It's 2021. There are timers on phones, and you can travel with lightweight devices like tripods. Also, you can kindly ask a stranger to take a photo of you.

You will get lonely

Some people are hesitant to travel alone because they are afraid of being lonely on their trips. You will be forced to network and put yourself out there. It's the best time to make new friends.

It's not safe

Bad things can happen anywhere, even when you're not travelling. However, be prepared by writing down emergency contact details, locking up your valuables, sharing your itinerary with friends, and asking locals for advice on which locations are safe.

You're forced to eat alone

If you prefer to dine alone, that's great. However, if you don't, some accommodations or restaurants may provide shared-dining tables. That can also give you the chance to meet new people.


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