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4 Tips to keep your exercise routine on track

Picture: Pexels
Picture: Pexels

We all lose the motivation to work out from time to time.

Many factors play a role in why we abandon our workout routines at times. These can vary from being busy to colder weather or having an injury.

Knowing the benefits exercise has on my overall health is what motivates me to keep exercising, even though I've fallen off the wagon countless times.

Regular exercise can assist with weight control, improve your mood, boost your energy, enhance your sleep, and combat several diseases and health conditions.

What’s worth remembering is that it's never too late to re-structure your goals.

If you're part of the fallen soldiers, take a look at these pointers to help you get you back on track.

Find what works for you

Find workouts that you enjoy so that working out doesn't feel like a chore. You might prefer high-intensity interval training, strength, straight, or full-body exercises - find what works for you.

Set a goal

Having a goal will keep you motivated. Your goals do not have to be extreme. Some smartphones allow you to track your daily steps, kilometres walked, and calories burned.

Use that as your starting point and set your goals according to what you can handle. It's a good idea to print it out and keep it somewhere you'll be able to see it.

Take accountability

Set goals on your smartphone or use an activity tracker such as a Fitbit or smart watch. Check in with yourself at the end of each day. Alternatively, get a friend to join you, and you can both hold each other accountable.

Schedule a set time for your workouts

You can choose between morning or evening. Be consistent. That way, your body will be accustomed to exercising at that specific time.

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