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The 6 pieces of clothing you should never wear to the airport

The all-important airport outfit is cute and comfy, but there's another priority you might not think of: how practical it is for customs. 'Cos no one likes getting held up at security when they could be tucking into a pre-flight meal.

Here are the six no-gos for your airport outfit if you want an easy journey.

1. Oversized fashion

Sure, maxi dresses and skirts, loose jackets, trousers and hoodies are comfortable, especially for long-haul flights. However, they can lead to longer checks by security, as they make it easier to hide stuff. Oversized jumpers often have to be taken before you go through a scanner, which can take up valuable time if you're in a hurry.

Try: Either stow your big jumper in your hand luggage and take it out on the plane, or wear sweaters, tops and pants with an elastic waistband or a high stretch content that are comfortable but relatively close-fitting.

2. Shoes with metal details, thick soles and laces

At most airports, security are strict about shoes - especially styles with chunky soles that could theoretically hide items, or high-top sneakers that cover the ankle. Metal details such as studs or buckles also often set off the alarm. You'd generally be asked to take these shoes off and we all know what an effort that is, especially if they're lace-ups.

Try: Simple loafers, ballerinas, espadrilles or slip-on trainers without laces are much faster to put on and take off. Best case scenario: you don't even have to take them off, just have the soles checked after the detector walk-through.

3. Too many hair accessories

It's best to leave elaborate hairdos for home time. A style with lots of clips or a barrette can set off the detectors at the security check and you might have to spend lots of time removing them.

Try: Keep your hair down or in a loose ponytail.

4. Clothes with lots of pockets or detailing

With plenty of pockets for your essentials, army and cargo pants are practical for travelling - but less suitable for flying: the zips and metal details might set off the alarm and it's easy to forget to remove all items (e.g. lighters) from the pockets.

Try: Sweat or track pants which are comfortable, but have fewer pockets and details.

5. Lots of jewellery

Do you love statement pieces? Sorry, but you should go without them when you travel by plane. Rings, necklaces, bracelets and large earrings made of silver, gold or other metals set off the alarms at the security check and then (you guessed it) you'll have to remove them.

Tip: If you don't want to ditch your jewellery for the journey, then stick to non-metal accessories. Otherwise, simply stash your jewellery in a pouch and put it on at your destination.

6. A lot of perfume

Admittedly, this tip won't really save you any time, but could save you a literal headache. When long queues form at security during holiday season, the air can get stale. If several different fragrances are mixing, you might start feeling unwell - and the line as well as the flight can quickly become an ordeal.

Try: Pack a small sample of your favourite fragrance and then spray yourself after you land. It'll also help you feel fresher after a long flight.

This article originally appeared on GLAMOUR (ES).

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