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#WomensMonth: 5 tips for empowering solo female travellers

Embarking on solo adventures is exciting and liberating for people who want to explore new locations, meet new people, and learn more about themselves.

This experience provides you with the opportunity to be independent and self-sufficient, all while experiencing diverse cultures and taking in lessons from their solo pilgrimage.

However, for many female travellers, the notion of solo travel can be scary.

In 2022, Female Solo Travel Statistics revealed that 84% of global solo travellers were in fact women, proving that females are still leading the way for independent travellers.

For Sadudee Sangnil, Director of the Tourism Authority of Thailand in London, the high percentage of solo female travellers means that it is critical for women to arm themselves with the necessary solo travel knowledge before embarking on these types of trips.

“Solo travelling as a woman means having to leave your comfort zone, which can be both thrilling and intimidating at the same time – especially for first-time female travellers. Doing enough research builds confidence in your decisions, it helps you trust your instincts even more while embracing the opportunities that come with exploring the world.”

She adds that when you travel alone, you become responsible for so many things such as your own safety, well-being and enjoyment, which can be very empowering. Sadudee recognises the strength, courage, and independence of solo female travellers worldwide and is pleased to offer five useful tips to empower women to travel confidently and safely.

1. Research and plan ahead

Knowledge is key when it comes to solo travel. Taking time before departure to investigate the places and standards of your destination isn't just fascinating but significant. That includes creating an itinerary that includes a list of the best place to visit as a solo traveller, important contact information, addresses and emergency numbers to ensure you are well prepared.

2. Understand the local culture

The biggest undertaking before any trip should be understanding the local customs and cultural norms of any country you will be visiting. Often people offend locals or run into trouble for not acting appropriately. For example, religious countries have many religious sites which require people not to expose too much skin; it is, therefore, important to be aware of information like this as solo travellers may be visiting all these for the first time.

3. Know how to get around

The best part about travelling is that you want to move around but it is important to understand how local public transportation works for your own peace of mind and safety. Many countries are well set up for solo travel, and it is fairly easy to get around using hotel transfers, internal flights, tuk-tuks, boats and cabs.

4. Join activities and excursions

Participating in organised group tours and activities can be an excellent and safe way to meet like-minded travellers and other solo travellers too. Additionally, many tour operators offer female-friendly experiences as they understand that women often have different needs or expectations when they travel.

5. Relax and enjoy

Solo female travel provides the ultimate sense of independence as it empowers you to overcome any challenges that lie in your path without assistance, enhancing your self-worth and mental stability. Travelling is a special life experience as it allows you to disconnect from the stresses of everyday life. Allow yourself to unwind and appreciate various experiences such as culture, unique cuisine, lifestyle, people, and many more.

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