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The all-new Comfort fragrance release pouch has unveiled a sensory journey with the blissful power of fragrance everywhere! From cars to desk drawers, gym bags, and beyond, the Comfort fragrance pouch invites you to #ExperienceThePowerOfFragrance in a whole new way.

The recent launch event hosted at the lavish Four Seasons Hotel in Westcliff, Johannesburg, showcased the innovative packaging and its exceptional fragrance release power.

Image Supplied: #ExperienceThePowerOfFragrance Comfort launch in Johannesburg

“At Comfort our mission is clear – we want to deliver a fragrance release moment with the simple yet essential act of doing laundry and refreshing your space. We are celebrating the launch of a revolutionary 100% recyclable product that promises to redefine fabric enhancers as a catalyst of fragrance,” says Swazi Kunene, Senior Brand Manager for Fabric Enhancers & Skip South Africa, Home Care.

Image Supplied: #ExperienceThePowerOfFragrance Comfort launch in Johannesburg

The House of Comfort event served as the perfect backdrop for guests to immerse themselves in the Power of Fragrance. With a high-tea experience that indulged all the senses, attendees had the chance to delve into the captivating world of fragrance and discover the unmatched long-lasting freshness and softness provided by Comfort. Adding to the experience, guests were treated to an exclusive opportunity to participate in a diffuser making masterclass hosted by a professional diffuser, learning how to craft their very own diffuser using Comfort.

Image Supplied: #ExperienceThePowerOfFragrance Comfort launch in Johannesburg
Image Supplied: #ExperienceThePowerOfFragrance Comfort launch in Johannesburg

The Comfort Fragrance Release Experience was an embodiment of luxury and innovation, and illustrated how fragrance transcends boundaries. Attendees discovered the art of infusing fragrance into every moment, every space, and every outfit, fostering a newfound appreciation for the blissful power of fragrance.

Image Supplied: #ExperienceThePowerOfFragrance Comfort launch in Johannesburg

This fragrance release technology is available across our Comfort range, including Uplifting, Elegance, Pure and Morning Fresh. Our new versatile Comfort fragrance Release pouch not only takes care of your clothes and delivers 100 days of fragrance with one wash, but also enhances your sensory experience in different areas of your home,” Kunene says.




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