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Whether it’s what Britney wore (or didn’t wear) for her (third? Fourth?) wedding, or how to deal with a meddling mother-in law, there’s nothing quite like a good wedding to get us all gossiping. So when my man popped the question (details to follow), you can imagine the explosion of excitement that ensued. Partly because, yes, I was engaged! But also because now I had myriad things to consider: what will I wear? Where should we get hitched? And when? And with what money? And should I invite Crazy Aunt Bee? (Whose name I’ve changed because, well, she’s crazy.)

So, since GLAMOUR is a little wedding obsessed (talk about a brilliant excuse to browse dress, decor and beauty trends), I thought I’d share my wedding journey with you. Every step of the way I’ll be tweeting my thoughts, instagramming my plans and bringing you the lowdown on all things wedding. I’ll be chatting to experts and getting their advice on everything from budgets and venues to buying your dress. And I want to know what you think, too, so share your ideas and comments using #GLAMWedding with GLAMOUR on Twitter and Instagram.

Meet my man

First things first, let me introduce you to my man, Franz. He’s a typical engineering type: a little bit nerdy in a totally cute kind of way, super organised and outdoorsy. We’ve been dating for four years, and spent two and half of those years doing long distance (I’m from the UK). Two years after I moved to Cape Town, on 30 August 2013, Franz cajoled me up to the top of a mountain in the Western Cape’s Cederberg and got down on one knee (well, as close as he could get to one knee while balancing on the edge of the mountainside). Shrieks, tears and champagne followed… and then the planning began!

My proposal in pictures

(Above) Franz perched on top of the mountain; he started by giving me a (slightly crushed) rose he’d carried all the way to the top and a mini bottle of bubbly before pulling out the (sparkly!) ring.

(Above) The incredible view across the Cederberg.

(Above) Franz designed my stunning ring himself and had it made at J Pinn & Co, a Cape Town jeweller. The central diamond was my grandmother’s, which my parents had given to Franz.

(Above) Together, after Franz had proposed (and I’d stopped shrieking).

(Above) We celebrated by spending the weekend nestled away in the honeymoon suite of the Citrusdal Hot Baths. Bliss!

What’s your proposal story?

From sweet to surprising, these GLAMOUR readers’ tales are sure to warm your heart.

The untraditional proposal

“My husband and I started dating when I was a first year student at university. My sister’s engagement a year into our romance made my now-husband very nervous, as he thought I might be expecting him to pop the question – something he had no intention of doing at the time. I managed to persuade him that I was not pining for a proposal and we agreed that if I wanted to get married, we would buck tradition and I would do the proposing. My opinion: why let your man have all the fun? So, a few years later at a picnic in Cape Town’s Kirstenbosch, I did. My exact wording: “Consider yourself asked!” We’ve now been married seven years, and I’ve never regretted being the one who had the fun of proposing.” – Madi, 35  

The exotic proposal

“When visiting Venice with the lady you love, hundreds of different ways to pop ‘the question’ play through your mind. I’m a procrastinator, so I was undecided and ended up having to wing it. (I’m not a flash kind of guy, so the bend in Venice’s Piazza San Marcos or the predictable gondola weren’t options.)

“Sometimes, when I’m feeling lucky, I ask for a beer by writing on my now-wife’s back. This time I recklessly pushed past luck and started tracing out the word ‘Marry’ on her back with my finger. Then I paused and formed the letter ‘B’. There was a tense moment of confusion as I finished writing ‘brown’. I could sense her deep dissatisfaction (Marrybrown is a Malaysian fast-food chain).

“Fearing my poor attempt at humour had bungled the only chance I would ever get to ask my girlfriend to marry me, I tried again. This time I formed the words ‘Marry me’. Thankfully, my girlfriend was delighted… until she said, ‘But there’s something you’ve missed.’ ‘What’s that, love?’ I asked. Dismay as my new fiancée pointed to her naked finger. I checked my watch; it was 7pm – where would I find a ring at this time? We raced through the narrow streets of Venice, passing countless jewellery shops – all closed. Finally, we found the perfect piece: a silver ring with a fiery red Venetian glass stone. It was a day I’ll never forget.” – Hugh, 31, husband of Megan, 35

The creative proposal

“In May 2012, my boyfriend became my knight in shining armour – literally. It all started when three of his friends knocked at my door, dressed all in black and bearing toy swords. They blindfolded me, bundled me into the back of their car and took me to a deserted field, where they removed my blindfold and tied me to a tree. Bemused and utterly confused, I then watched as my boyfriend, dressed head to toe in shining armour, was pushed through the field in a wheelbarrow by another friend. (He later told me he’d tried to hire a horse but that, with no riding experience and equally little money, he quickly turned to plan B.) A mock sword fight between my boyfriend and his friends ensued, and I was ‘rescued’ and led to a beautiful picnic. There he presented me with a stunning diamond ring, and I said yes with all my heart.” – Ginny, 26

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Sarah Browning, 24, is the managing editor of GLAMOUR. She moved to SA from London three years ago and lives in Cape Town. In this  #GLAMWedding Wedding Blog, Sarah’s sharing her wedding-planning journey with you.  Join the conversation! Tweet your thoughts to Sarah via  @GLAMOUR_sa using #GLAMWedding.

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