Editor's letter

Inside our April 2020 issue!

In my skin

My body’s not been the same since childbirth. Nothing can prepare you mentally and physically for what your body goes through during delivery and postpartum. Postnatal depression affects new mothers for this reason. A year later, I’m still getting around to mentally accepting my now curvier body. My coping mechanisms include working on myself internally through yoga, music and spending time with my son.

In this issue of Glamour, we talk about mind and body, covering a range of topics that’ll provide you with food for thought. You’ll find informative, feel-good articles to educate and empower you in all kinds of ways. Our cover star is Connie Ferguson, the powerhouse who found fame on the soap opera Generations. Always poised and immaculately dressed, she’s won many hearts and remains one of South Africa’s TV darlings.

More than just a screen queen, Connie wears many different hats: filmmaker, producer and businesswoman. Together with her husband, actor and director Shona Ferguson, she’s built a thriving filmmaking empire. Telling compelling and relatable stories is her forte. During our cover shoot, I got to watch her in front of the camera, as she moved seamlessly from one pose to the next. Her demeanour is captivating, warm and inviting, and she radiates star power. She works hard on her body, and it shows. In this issue, we present Connie as you’ve never seen her before – as a goddess who’s comfortable in her skin and has sex appeal. She shares with us her journey to stardom, and how she’s coped with mental health issues, and balanced work and wellness – a gentle reminder that we’re all going through something and struggling with different issues. Whether physically or mentally, may this issue help you find your utopia.

Until next month.