Editor's letter

It’s time to celebrate the middle of the year with this groundbreaking and jam-packed winter edition of Glamour. This beauty themed issue is a collector’s item for many reasons. Inside it, we introduce you to the latest beauty innovations, innovators, and all sorts of beauty nuggets that’ll help you shop better for your winter must-haves.

From our alluring fashion spreads to wellness, fitness, finance and career advice, we’ve got the second half of your year covered.

Miss South Africa Shudufhadzo Musida, who’s on this month’s cover, talks about the importance of having open conversations about mental health and what she hopes to achieve during her reign.

Through her weekly online series titled #MindfulMondays, Shudufhadzo, together with health experts, is doing great work in tackling and educating about health and wellness issues. She covers the crucial and topical subjects of today’s world, where all of us are still mentally adjusting to the new normal.

Our beautiful cover, along with our cover story and main fashion spread, were photographed using a mobile phone, which is an exciting first for Glamour.

A year ago, we couldn’t have predicted we’d be here. However, we’ve had to innovate and adjust quickly to keep up with our digitally and technologically driven environment.

It’s been a learning curve and an eye-opening time, and the team and I have worked meticulously and hard to bring you what we consider to be the most dazzling issue of the year.

Another highlight is that this issue includes our most-anticipated supplement, Glamour Hair. Divided into sections for easy reading and reference, it covers a range of topics relating to all types of hair. We also give you useful information about hair products and gadgets, and feature experts who advise on new hair trends and trending topics.

Enjoy the read.

Until next time.