Inside our November 2018 issue!



There’s plenty to smile about this month. It’s our third issue of a #BrandNewGlamour, and this month, we have featured a dynamic duo – Unathi Nkayi and Roxy Burger. These media personalities, whose staying power in the TV industry inspires us, are wearing designs by local female designer brand Erre. This issue is also completely powered by women. What does that mean? It means every word, every photograph and every stylist behind this issue is a woman.

As I observed Unathi and Roxy’s interaction on the set of this month’s cover shoot, I was once again inspired by women from different walks of life bonding over shared experiences. Theirs were early call times (the shoot was at 5am), motherhood, the work/life balance and hair (with Roxy expressing her love of wigs and planning to rock them more).

One of the many great things about being a woman is how we can switch up our hair as often as we want, according to our mood. The glory of wigs is how convenient they are and how, in one day, you can decide to be any kind of personality you want to be – without your natural hair having to suffer. What will become even more important for us to cover on these pages (you’ve asked for it and we’ve listened), is hair. Glamour Hairfeatures in this issue, offering you tips and tricks for your crown – from curls and coils to flourishing ’Fros and wig care – straight from the experts.

Let your hair down, smile more (you’ve made it this far) and soak in summer. 'Til next month!


Asanda Sizani