Inside our November 2019 issue!


Am I next?

Three chilling words we’re asking, confronted with the reality of an alarming increase in gender-based violence in South Africa. During the production of this issue, the Glamour team wore black in solidarity and joined protesters in support of the #RiseUpWomen movement. Our mood is sombre as we reflect on what it means to be fearless. The dream is to be able to walk through life with confidence and pursue our dreams and passions without fear.

I peered through the window of Glamour’s 10th-floor office, shortly after returning from joining the protesters, my ears still ringing from the sound of police sirens and protest songs. As I reflect on the past few days, I feel the need to be surrounded by women to feel a sense of safety and empathy. Now, more than ever, we cannot be isolated from one another. My focus has shifted to not only the pleasure of enjoying a #HotGirlSummer, but, more importantly, a #SafeGirlSummer.

I applaud the growing number of local brands and corporates who’ve come forward to condemn femicide and violence against women and children. Avon Justine added their voice to the chorus of condemnation against all forms of violence. Working with like-minded organisations such as People Opposing Women Abuse (POWA), 1 000 Women Trust, Tears Foundation, Yokhuselo Haven, the Epic Foundation, Lawyers Against Abuse, the Saartjie Baartman Centre for Women and Children (SBCWC), Mosaic and WARear, Avon Justine has raised in excess of R8 million to fund the causes championed by these organisations, through an initiative called Avon Light Up and Speak Out. Avon Justine has called upon survivors of gender-based violence to contact any of these organisations for counselling or legal advice.

Lend a voice. Harness your power. Let’s intensify the fight against patriarchy and femicide. We have every right to demand justice and safety for all women and children. We need to demonise misogynistic practices and de-commodify our mothers, sisters and daughters.

It isn’t up to women to fight this national pandemic on their own. We must all speak out about incidents of misogyny, whether explicit or inferred. Every single noble intention and call to action can change everything. We live in hope that one day, a change will come.

’Til next month.