Editor's letter

Inside our May/June 2020 issue!


I’m writing this letter on the 11th day of the 21-day national lockdown to help slow down the spread of the coronavirus. even though work’s keeping me busy, days seem to drag and my anxiety’s rising. The world outside my window looks foreign, empty, and life as we know it is changing rapidly. As reported on the news, the COVID-19 body count continues to rise worldwide as leaders grapple with our new reality, saving lives and their free-falling economies. it’ll go down in history as the disease that changed how we interact with each other and technology. coronavirus has forced us to slow down and reset, and somewhat renewed nature. As we ease back into everyday life, let’s carry this devastating outbreak as a reminder of how resilient we are.

“coronavirus has forced us to slow down and reset, and somewhat renewed nature”

Television personality, rapper, actress and healer Boity Thulo is on the cover of our vibrant May/June 2020 issue. With a successful reality show and several music hits under her belt, she’s a fireball and self-starter. she radiates the energy we need right now as we pick up the pieces and resume life as we know it. With a career spanning a decade, Boity’s still one of the most loved and hard-working personalities on the continent.

Inside this issue, you’ll find bold fashion to inspire your autumn and winter wardrobe, a group of young people you should have on your radar as we celebrate youth Month 2020, and ways to help you navigate life, post COVID-19.

Enjoy the issue. until next time