Editor's letter

Spring is more than just a season; it's also a verb that means to move, leap and rise, which I interpret as a time to renew and re-energise. Marking the beginning of beautiful warmer months and fresh flowers, it’s a good time to pause, smell the roses, and check in with yourself. For me, the season is the perfect time to weigh in on my accomplishments, big and small, and to start planning for the new year.

This issue covers a range of topics and advice that’ll help you live better and guide you with making healthier choices about your finances, relationships, fitness and overall wellbeing. Themed ‘The New Luxury’, inside this issue, you’ll find Pan- African fashion designers who share with us what the future of African luxury fashion looks like.

These designers are inspirational, innovative and represent the talent that resides on the continent. Visual artist Lulama Wolf, who’s on the cover of this issue, is a Pan-African creator who’s made a name for herself in the art scene and whose work is respected locally and globally. A certified minimalist, she inspires in art and fashion. Mainly drawing inspiration from her heritage and the continent, she represents a new crop of creatives

to use storytelling and artistic talent to document our present and future. In this issue, we also cover upcoming trends in beauty and skincare, fashion, exercise and wellness, as well as top African travel destinations for your summer holiday.

Enjoy the read.

Until next time.

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