Inside our April 2019 issue!


Mobile Revolution

Mobile revolution It’s hard to remember a time without mobile devices. Walk into a shopping centre, hop on the Gautrain or stand in any queue, and you’ll see fingers furiously tapping on their phones. I’ll admit, I’m also one of those people who are attached to their phone. Scrolling through a Twitter timeline is my daily ritual. It’s also one way in which I can connect with the world, and our valued readers (yes, I read every DM). With mobiles, the power is literally in your hands; you have access to personalised, real-time news and information; you can change your wallpaper, customise your experience, choose ringtones and download apps to make life a little easier – like Dyme, a local beauty app that provides beauty services in the comfort of your home with just a few clicks of a button. This month’s cover star may have a history with cellphones, but today, Naomi Campbell has completely changed that narrative, and in the process, established herself as a global humanitarian. I’m currently binge-watching her YouTube series, Being Naomi, which gives fans a more intimate look into her life as 
a businesswoman, activist and in-demand model. Not only that, but an opportunity to communicate with her. That’s the power, and sometimes downside, to technology – access to anyone we wish to get closer to. The team couldn’t wait to put this issue together. I hope you enjoy the content, tips and inspiration as much as we do. And as ever, let’s connect on the socials. Until next month.


Asanda Sizani