Inside our July/Aug 2019 issue!


Women to watch

In 1984, our 2018 Glamour Women Of The Year award winner Doreen Morris became the first black woman on mainstream South African television. She paved the way for journalists and broadcasters, and today, the picture looks so much better. We’re seeing more diversity on the small screen and ground-breaking TV characters who have shaped how women are seen. Women are breaking barriers, we’re telling our stories, building legacies, and creating jobs despite the odds.

US Glamour’s Samantha Barry once wrote, “No longer are women typecast as wholesome role models or cute sidekicks. In fact, they’re often not.” Consider Sindi Dlathu’s rule-breaking Lindiwe in The River; Madeline Brewer’s resilient Janine in The Handmaid’s Tale; and Connie Ferguson’s complex Harriet in The Queen. “Women are assuming the roles of brilliantly flawed, sometimes unsympathetic characters that, before now, had often been brought to life by men,” Samantha wrote. Dynamic female characters are being brought to life by writers like Lena Waithe, producers such as Issa Rae and Shonda Rhimes, and directors like Ferry Jele.

A local stuntwoman, a sports anchor and other women who are blazing trails in TV like never before penned their memoirs for us. The aim is to make sure that all young girls grow up feeling represented. No family has become ingrained in pop culture as much as the Kardashians. We discover more to Kourtney, and we beg to differ that she’s the least interesting sister. So here’s to more compelling stories, created and portrayed by leading ladies. Stay tuned.


Asanda Sizani