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Inside our October 2018 issue!



Free to be

What inspires you?’ This is one of the most asked questions during a new season. I speak for the Glamour team, and evidently, a few fashion brands this season, in saying, “Freedom.” The cry for it, the experience of it, the thrill of it. You need only scroll through social media alone to see how much more liberated women are today – especially in the way we express ourselves.
We’re much more vocal about what we want – from our relationships to equal pay and in refusing for our style, hair and bodies to be policed. We are now, more than ever, uncompromising about what and who we choose without fear of judgement.
We are driving our own narratives and shattering the glass ceiling, as is evidenced in the diverse South African women who form part of this year’s Glamour’s Most Glamourous Awards. These are women who not only embody the magical quality of glamour, but are committed to being themselves unapologetically. On the topic of being, needing and deserving to be liberated, we profile individuals with diverse experiences and stories. From women who choose not to shave their body hair to FAKA, a performance duo that’s making its way to global dominance.
So here’s to a fantastic new month filled with joyful, uplifting and liberating experiences from team Glamour. May this new issue be your tool for your own freedom of expression.


Asanda Sizani 


Glamour International