Inside our November 2018 issue!


Let the good times roll

The festive season has arrived in all its heat and glory. The popular question from the office water cooler to WhatsApp conversations then becomes, “What are your holiday plans?” As South Africans, we celebrate in different ways. Our experience is not only limited to our country or to the urban surroundings we work and live in, but culturally as well. December in some South African families means initiation ceremonies, weddings and other celebratory family gatherings. When the festive season rolls around some think of going back ‘home’. There is that specific period from mid December where some of us pack our travel essentials and make the big commute to wherever ko gae is. The soul craves a family bond, traditional food, the rural surroundings, the humble way of life away from the big city life. 

To some, December means families refusing to allow you to check into a hotel, but rather share a bed, the floor, or the sleeper couch with siblings or extended family. It means cooking together, hilarious neighbourhood gossip, 8pm soapie time, rewatching old videos, flicking through photo albums, endless braais and seven-colour plates. Depending on your holiday rituals with friends and family, the last few days of the month marks the return to the city, just in time for New Year’s Eve celebrations. The schedule and the pace of life then shifts. The soundtrack maybe switches from Afro pop and ballads (or whatever your aunt is into currently) to the new gqom, trap or dance track on your personal playlist. It’s the dusk till dawn parties, long leisurely lunches, braais, sundowners and festivals. The straddling of these two worlds is what inspired this issue. It’s about the contracts of how we celebrate.

However you’ll be ringing in the new year, enjoy it to its fullest. Take a moment to reflect on this year’s victories, lessons and highlights, and give yourself a well earned pat on the back. Celebrate yourself. Treat yourself. We have a variety of gift ideas for you, her, him and the kids in your life in our ‘Gift Guide’. We celebrate the bubbling fashion talent emerging from Durban – an often neglected fashion hub. We also honour Glamour’s Women Of The Year – our annual recognition of the collective force of women.

Wishing you, our beloved reader, a sparkle-filled festive season and a blessed new year. We will see you on the other side of 2019!


Asanda Sizani