Editor's letter

The month of June is a momentous time for South Africans. During Youth Month, we reflect on the past and present. Unemployment continues to hinder the advancement and growth of many young people, but they’re also making strides in various industries and sectors – and that’s worth celebrating.

In this edition of Glamour, our disruptors issue, we highlight and honour Pan-African young people whose talent, ambition and overall awesomeness inspire us. On the cover are three talented creators, Kay, Linda and Nabilah, who use their expertise and popularity to cultivate an engaging online audience.

Young, influential and trailblazing, these women are shining examples of what’s possible in today’s internet-driven world. They’re game changers in their chosen fields, leading a digital revolution and helping to shape the future of content and consumerism.

The evolution of the digital age and the rise of social networking sites have changed our behaviour as consumers and how we live and work. The industry is fast becoming oversaturated, and only a few people have built and maintained successful careers as full-time digital influencers.

Powered by various technologies such as mobile phones and using their creative talents, Kay, Linda and Nabilah share with Glamour their career trajectories, what life is like as a digital content creator and what it takes to carve a digital career.

Turn to page 106 to read our feature on the metaverse, a universal virtual world that’s changing how we socialise and navigate life in general. With growing interest in the metaverse, we unpack what it means to live in it and how you can be part of it.

We also look at trends in sustainability, fashion, beauty, the workplace and lifestyle that are moulding pop culture.

Enjoy the issue!

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