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How to slay the IG selfie

By now you probably know that in order to stand a chance to win a dream vacay trip for you and girls, you need to submit a picture or video of yourself completing a Bulgari-style dare. If there’s no one around to take your video or picture, then you should seriously consider taking a selfie. Here are our top tips to help you slay the Instagram selfie.

STEP 1: Find the light

Natural light is always our go-to, but if you can’t catch natural rays, opt for a selfie light or stand directly under a conventional light in your home.

STEP 2: Find your good side

We all have a good side and a bad side. Stand in front of a mirror, and try out different poses to find out which angles flatter you.

STEP 3: Show your personality

Don’t be afraid to show your unique talents, quirks, and unique sense of style.

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