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Which Bulgari Omnia Pink Sapphire personality are you?

Bulgari’s new fragrance, Omnia Pink Sapphire, is a dazzling addition to your beauty collection. Boasting citrus, spicy, floral and woody scents, this perfume is honestly, THE BOMB. We give you a breakdown of the personalities that the perfume’s top, heart and base notes represent. If any of them match your personality, be sure to grab a bottle of Omnia Pink Sapphire!

Top Notes

The Go-Getter

As a natural-born leader, you won’t be able to resist the citrusy top notes of the pink pomelo fruit. You’re the queen of your squad and inspire those around you with your drive to succeed. Nothing can stop you from making your dreams come true.

The Explorer

Adding oomph to the fragrance’s top notes is the spicy scent of pink pepper, all the way from Reunion Island. With your passion for escaping to exotic locations, you’ll be instantly drawn to these notes. You’re an adventurous soul who’s always up for trying new things like a quirky hairdo or the latest, super bright lipstick.

Heart Notes

The Cheerful Spark

Given your bubbly and playful nature, you’ll be obsessed with the floral heart notes of frangipani and tiare flower. You effortlessly liven up any room you walk into with your radiant smile, energetic laugh and charming voice. Because you’re so down-to-earth, you’re the chick that everyone wants to strike up a convo with.

The Free Spirit

You start off each day with a heart of optimism, confident that no glitch will ruin your upbeat mood. Being happy-go-lucky, you’re eager to take on any dare that excites you- even if it goes against the norm. It’s pretty much obvious that you’re living your best life.

Base Notes

The Party Girl

Being a social butterfly, you can’t get enough of the perfume’s woody base notes. You never say no to an epic celebration, complete with delish snacks, electrifying beats and, of course, sparkling drinks. Making new friends, as well as clinking a glass with your besties, has you all fired up.

The Flirt

To strengthen the perfume’s base notes, a dose of sensual musk was mixed in. The aroma of musk may linger long, but you make an even more lasting impression. This is thanks to you boldly standing out from the crowd, unafraid to make a sexy move that will catch the attention of your crush.

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