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Tanqueray N◦10 celebrates South Africa’s most outstanding women

With an entrenched culture of celebrating defining moments, Tanqueray N◦10 is proud to partner with the 2019 Glamour Women of The Year Awards! For the first time in the magazine’s 29 years of celebrating global trailblazing women, the partnership between GLAMOUR magazine and Tanqueray gin marks a turning point for the awards in South Africa.

Just like the brave and tenacious women of the Rainbow Nation, Tanqueray N◦10 epitomises grace, elegance and refinement. The collaboration with the 2019 GLAMOUR Women of the Year marks a smooth and natural synergy where we raise a toast to women who ooze confidence in who they are and what they are about. These are not women who are here to dim their own light!

This year’s award honourees speak directly to the culture of Tanqueray N◦10 – they are about a woman who is not afraid to get things done, an urban warrior whose inner strength is topped with lipstick as her armour.

“The Glamour Women of The Year Awards is a fantastic initiative and this partnership amplifies their dedication to making women feel cared for and noticed for the greatness they possess. Tanqueray was made from the heart to please and share special moments. That, along with a distinctive timeless style, authenticity and substance the brand is synonymous with, makes this relationship the perfect match. Teaming up with GLAMWOTY to award remarkable women is an appealing development for Tanqueray N◦10 and we are delighted to add some memorable moments to this exciting occasion,” said Tanqueray Brand Manager.

A woman is like a good bottle of gin; you never know how strong she is until you get a taste of her organic charismatic nature. A sophisticated and classy event of substance is ideal to add onto Tanqueray N◦10’s family of celebrating special moments.

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