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4 health and wellbeing trends that could rise in 2021

Pic: Pexels
Pic: Pexels

Researchers and academics will look back at 2020 and mark it down as a seismic year in terms of our collective behaviour. Everything changed in the world around us and so we had to adapt how we acted, and how we lived. It’s going to be interesting to see what emerges in 2021 in terms of health and wellbeing “trends”, but here are four concepts we think could rise to the fore:

1.Taking it slow(er)

Everyone seems to be making changes in terms of where and how they live. From switching careers, to moving from big cities to rural towns, to pursuing a new life in another country – the world is in flux. And a large part of the motivation behind these moves seems to be about slowing our lives down. Lockdown showed us that we were doing it all wrong, spending our lives rushing around, overscheduling our days, and adding stress to everything we did. 2021 will see many people being more selective about what they choose to do, whether this relates to working, exercising, socialising and more. And the upside? Being in better health allows you to perhaps tailor your medical aid, like with the Fedhealth “create your aid” option.

2.The further rise of health-tech

We already used smart watches and other wearables to track our workouts, heart rates, quality of sleep and more. But this use of tech to empower us to make healthier decisions and improve our overall wellbeing is only going to grow. Health professionals may even start to collect health data in order to predict illness before it occurs. Beyond that though, more doctor consults will be done online through our screens, adding convenience and perhaps even providing more access to those who need it.

3.Beauty from the inside out

Maybe it’s because we spent most of 2020 in our loungewear and slippers roaming around the house? We’ve had no opportunities to get glamourous and head out on the town, and let’s face it, none of us really want to either, preferring to social distance and stay away from crowds. There’s therefore been a move away from piling our faces with make-up, and instead a focus on maintaining great skin. Skincare is one of the fastest growing beauty markets, overtaking make-up sales in 2020*, and we predict even stronger growth in 2021.

4.Body and mind connecting

We’ve always known there was a connection between the two, but 2020 showed us just how important our mental health is to our physical health, and vice-versa. The two are inextricably linked and 2021 will likely see this concept incorporated into various past times, whether it’s your typical HIIT class beginning with some deep breathing and mindful stretching, or your grandfather suddenly taking up yoga, when he’d never been interested in it before. Many sports will start incorporating a psychological aspect to their programmes, and those with a calm mind will soon be admired for it, just as those with a fit body may have been admired for it in the past.

Whatever 2021 brings, it seems like health will become even more of a priority in our lives, and that can only be a good thing. We may not be able to control much of the larger events that happen in the world, but we can control our own health and encourage those around us to live healthier lives too. Hopefully these four trends will help us all get there.


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