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#ActTogether to help combat GBV with The Body Shop

Gender-based violence is a persistent issue in SA—no scratch that—it’s a pandemic, claiming thousands of women’s lives every year. South Africa has among the highest levels of intimate partner violence in the world. With COVID-19 and lockdown, violence against women has intensified. Women and young girls in abusive or violent situations are now more trapped than ever.

This year’s 16 Days of Activism campaign calls for the eradication of GBV with President Cyril Ramaphosa urging citizens to take action against this downright heinous crime.

The Body Shop is calling on South Africans to show their solidarity to those isolated with an abuser right now to #ActTogether. The campaign aims to combat the increase in domestic violence due to Covid-19, spread awareness, and offer counselling to victims.

An amount of R10 will be donated to local women-led NGO 18twenty8 for every handcare product sold during this campaign. 18twenty8 educates boys and men to champion girls’ and women’s safety. It provides specialised training for young women at risk and offers support for victims of GBV.

According to UN Women, men who witnessed or experienced violence against women as children are more likely to perpetrate intimate partner violence in their adult relationships.

“Ending violence is our collective responsibility; we all have to #ActTogether to change the status quo and fight this scourge,” says Carlos Jardim, the GM of the Body Shop SA.

Some essential advice for survivors:

  • Know that this isn't your fault, now or ever
  • You're not alone. Keep in contact with your friends and family regularly
  • Create code words or signs to let family or friends know if you're in danger
  • While at home, try to stay safe. Write down an emergency number and have essentials ready if you need to leave
  • Your mobile phone can be your lifeline. Keep it charged and on hand at all times. Know who to call in case of an emergency
  • Care for yourself and those at risk by reporting gender-based violence issues. Being a victim of gender-based violence can make you feel isolated and alone.

Call The Gender-Based Violence Command Centre on 0800 428 428, send a please call me on *120*7867# or SMS "help" to 31531.

Help support this cause and let’s be part of the solution together! #ActTogether.

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