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Beating Burnout With Batoka Africa’s Women Wellness Retreat

Burnout has been buzzing about in conversation for the past few years yet most people aren’t aware just how pervasive it is. A recent study showed that 93% of women have experienced high levels of pressure and extreme stress in the past year. This coupled with the fact that women will spend on average nine years of their lives in ill health means that taking time out to recharge and rest is imperative. Zambezi Sands by Batoka Africa is tapping into the need to holistically support women with a powerful women’s wellness retreat this August.

“Getting out of the stress of everyday routine and immersing yourself in nature is a restful experience on its own. With our retreat we seek to holistically address women’s health, tapping into the natural elements and the expertise of our world class facilitators,” says co-founder of Batoka Africa, Vimbai Masiyiwa.

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Batoka Zambezi Sands lends itself to serene immersion in the Zimbabwean wilderness. The upcoming wellness retreat takes place over five days with programming that includes restorative yoga flows, functional training, relaxing game drives and nourishing meals designed to invigorate the body and soul. Masiyiwa expands that, “with this retreat we aim to balance restoration and the safari experience with deep work that will have an impact on the women who attend, far beyond the five days they spend with us.” The retreat is limited to a maximum of 20 participants, which allows for the formation of deep connections and personalisation of each attendees’ journey at the retreat.

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Additionally, a women’s health specialist will work with guests to address key concerns alongside Dr. Anesu Mbizvo, renowned yoga teacher and holistic health expert. Self-reflection sessions and explorative mindfulness workshops seek to shift attendees headspace for ultimate rejuvenation. Considering the alarming levels of burnout and the increasing pressures faced by women, this retreat serves as an opportunity for a luxurious restart deep in nature with the majestic African bush and the ability to connect to nature like never before.

“Finding equilibrium can be difficult, which is why our retreat facilitates self-discovery and provides the framework for finding inner harmony. The role of a wellness retreat in 2024 goes beyond a few days of relaxing, we see it as a catalyst for becoming your best self,” concludes Masiyiwa.

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The women’s wellness retreat at Batoka Zambezi Sands takes place over 4 - 8 August 2024. There are up to 20 places available with bespoke programming for the best results.

For more information and to book email [email protected].

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