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Serena and Venus Williams swear by this 40-minute workout

Serena and Venus William
Serena and Venus William

Author: Sebastien Lagree

If you’re looking to train like a professional athlete, then look no further. Serena and Venus Williams, tennis legends, stay active on and off the court.

The duo have been maintaining their fitness routine during the lockdown, but what they do to stay in shape might surprise you.

Although the sisters are competitive athletes, their workout regimens are completely doable for anyone, regardless of your skill level.

Plus, it’s efficient and effective, getting the job done in just 40 minutes. Here’s their go-to process for staying healthy and strong:

Warm Up

Serena and Venus’ warmup is 30 minutes long - almost the entire duration of their workout! However, Serena notes that their routine is “a little intense,” and warns to prioritize safety.

The twosome each set up their yoga mats and do a series of deep squats and wave their arms in circular motions to warm up their muscles.

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They also stretch out their hamstrings and do a lot of side-stretches. The warm up is comparable to something a dancer would do before performing.


Increasing the intensity, the tennis champions begin doing neck rolls and then go on to hip-opening exercises to improve their flexibility. Although these moves might seem easy from the outside looking in, you will certainly feel their effects.

Cool Down

As the workout ends, Serena and Venus finish off with yoga-inspired arm stretches, before heading down to their mats for some leg stretches, such as the splits. Serena explains, “You should feel this as a workout, not necessarily a warmup, but this is a warm up.”


After her body is completely warmed up, Serena gets in her cardio to keep her fit physique!

Serena hasn’t slowed down during lockdown, and she’s committed to keeping up with her healthy lifestyle.

She frequently shares videos and photos of herself on TikTok showing off her moves, which include jumping with weights, jumping, planks, yoga with husband Alexis Ohanian, and playing tennis with daughter Olympia.

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