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What your ‘spirit guides' are trying to tell you in your dreams (including *those* ones about your ex)

Dreams. Sigmund Freud once described them as the royal road to the unconscious and suggested that by taking the time to study them, we could uncover hidden and unconscious desires. Whilst some of our dreams are downright bonkers and probably hold very little meaning, one psychic is convinced that others are our ‘spirit guides'' way of trying to communicate messages with us.

According to Spiritual Medium, Kendall the Medium when you dream, you travel to the ‘astral realm’ or the ‘astral plane’. “Some believe this is the 4th dimension,” she says. “Your body stays on the physical realm while your soul travels outside of it into another vibrational field.”

Kendall believes that some dreams are just your body's way of releasing old pent up energy, but others are actually a ‘mission’ your soul is on. As she explains: “While your physical body is resting, your spiritual body is working. A lot of the work is forgotten but some of it sticks with us. The reason it sticks with us is because the work needs to be utilised in the physical realm."

Intrigued? Here are eight key things people dream of and what your spirit guides want you to know.


Dreaming of forests or trees are your spirit guides' way of letting you know it is time to ground yourself and become one with your spiritual body and your authentic roots. Forests represent the connection our soul shares with nature. That we are one with nature. It is a sign from your guides to take a step back and remember who you are naturally. It also represents growth coming from finding peace and contentment in your environment.


Dreaming of birth or pregnancy can quite literally be a sign that you are in tune with your own body and you may very well be pregnant, about to give birth or are going to be pregnant soon. But that being said, pregnancy and birth can also be very symbolic. When you dream of pregnancy your spirit guides want you to know that it is a time of looking inward, it’s time to focus on your authentic self and what lights your soul on fire; it’s time to create. When you dream of birth, it is your spirit guide's way of letting you know that something you have created is about to be seen and relevant in your life. Something you’ve worked hard on is ready to be revealed and celebrated. Dreaming of birth and pregnancy can also suggest that you are going through a personal transformation, you are shifting timelines and being ‘reborn’.

Your ex

Whether you are dreaming of an ex lover or an ex friend, dreaming of your ex is very symbolic. This is your guide's way of letting you know that there is unfinished business within the connection whether they are coming back or not, a lesson with this person was not fully processed by you. It is time to allow yourself to process the emotions from the situation so that you can release the residual energy that is being carried by you whether it’s consciously known or existing in your subconscious only. Every person comes into our life to teach us a lesson, as we are in theirs to teach them one as well. Take time to ground yourself and become one with your own energy as you process these emotions. Honor your energy by releasing all that no longer serves you.


Dreaming of falling is your guide's way of letting you know that there is unstable energy in your environment. You are feeling helpless or as if you can’t control your life. Your guides are asking that you ground yourself because you have become disconnected with your higher self by trying to control your outcomes too heavily instead of allowing yourself to exist in the moment. Take time to focus on your own energy. Meditation is a great way to ground yourself but it isn’t for everyone. Some other ways to ground yourself are through exercise, art, music, baths, nature walks, simply touching the earth, whatever resonates most with you and allows you to connect solely with your own energy stream.

Being chased

To dream of being chased is equivalent to dreaming of running away. You are turning your back and escaping from a situation or person instead of confronting them. Your guides are asking you to remember that you can not live a life of running. You must face what you fear in order to create movement in your life.

A place you’ve never been before

If you dream of a place you have never been before you may be experiencing a memory from a past life. Your guides are wanting you to pay attention to the detail, what does the place look like? Does it look like a different time period? Does it look like another planet or dimension? The message your guides are trying to convey is that there is trauma from that life where healing needs to be utilised in this life. Pay attention to the emotions you feel within the dream realm. Are these emotions something you’ve been feeling lately? Was there another person in the dream? What emotions were brought up by seeing them? When cycles are brought from past lives into current lives it’s because there needs to be acceptance and forgiveness towards yourself and a situation so that you no longer have to continue the cycle in further lives.


The message behind dreaming of death is dependent on if you are the one who is dying in the dream or if it’s someone you know. If it is you who is dying, your guides are letting you know that you are going through a personal transition where it is the end of an old chapter, beginning of a new chapter. Death is symbolic of an ending of something major within your life. Many people dream of death when they are currently or about to go through big life shifts like job transitions, moving homes, ending a relationship or simply changing their perspective in their everyday environment. You may just literally be killing off a part of yourself that you no longer need, for example a negative mindset or toxic behaviors. To dream of someone you know dying is your guide's way of letting you know that there is a fear of losing this person. The relationship may be more important to you than you thought. This can also represent that you are letting go of a quality they have within yourself. For instance if the person who is dying in your dream is a big partier and you are wanting to not party anymore it represents you are letting go of that version of yourself that aligns with one of their most prominent qualities.

Looking in the mirror

Dreaming of looking in the mirror is your spirit guide's way of letting you know it is time to reflect on a situation or yourself. It is time to see from a new perspective so that you are able to look past just you. It is a time of internal healing in order to bring peace to your external environment.

This article was originally published on Glamour UK.

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