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Diet’s day off

If we weren’t afraid of looking greedy, we’d admit that we don’t care much for mains, that starters are quite dull and that what makes restaurant trips so toe-tinglingly exciting is the prospect of gooey chocolate and burnt sugar. So we rounded up the best desserts to give your sweet tooth the ultimate treat!

Valora’s Chocolate Fondant

As your spoon touches the soft sponge, a river of hot chocolate sauce will come pouring out – it’s so good, you’ll get goosebumps.

Valora, 70 Loop St, Cape Town; 021 426 1001

Ryan’s Milk Tart

Served with a cup of Milo on the side, it’s perfectly sweet and perfectly paired with clove ice cream. Heaven.

Ryan’s Kitchen, 12 Huguenot St, Franshhoek; 021 876 4598

Czar’s Mint Tart

Made with dark chocolate, mint and flaky French pastry, this tart is simply unforgettable.

Czar, 178 Florida Rd, Morningside, Durban; 031 312 8001

DW Eleven-13’s Malva Carrot Cake

Think intense taste explosion when you bite into this unusual but delicious combination of carrot cake and malva pudding.

DWEleven-13, Dunkeld West Shopping Centre, Joburg; 011 341 0663

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