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Jessica Alba gets back in shape

Known for her killer curves, Jessica was back to the gym just two weeks after giving birth to daughter Haven. She tweeted, “I did my first day of workout since I had the baby, just cardio for 40 min. it’s a start. Anyone else starting a fitness regimen?(sic) I’m going light, stationary bike and elliptical.” Her back-in-shape tips? She tweets, “Start with walking and throw in 3 sets of lunges 20 per leg. U could do it while strolling ur baby. commit to 10 min a day for a wk then add another 10 until u get up 2 40 min a day. It’s easier to ease into it.(sic)”

Jessica’s top 4 body DOs

1. Eat healthily for six days a week and indulge on the seventh.

2. Work out every day for 45 minutes. “It’s good for your mental state.”

3. Keep distractions in the gym. “I keep things nearby to distract me: TV, iPod, magazines.”

4. Get yourself a workout partner. “You can chat and not just drown in your own misery.”

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