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Tummy flattening DOs and DON’Ts

1. DO your tummy exercises, like sit-ups and crunches, slowly and with control.

2. DO sets rather than just as many as you can do. Resting in between sets will allow you to do more and work your muscles more completely than usual.

3. DON’T skip breakfast – it’s the meal that kick-starts your metabolism. Opt for a healthy breakfast that’s packed with protein and you’ll be fuller and more energetic for longer.

4. DO drink plenty of water throughout the day and while exercising. Doing so will make exercises more effective, and you’ll be able to do more for longer without cramping. Water also helps with food digestion and prevents stomach bloating. Click here to read about a water bottle that makes this habit even healthier.

5. DO watch what you eat – see our December issue for more details.

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