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Channeling Alexa

Everyone’s favorite IT girl, Alexa Chung, has a few affordable style tricks up her sleeve. One of her favorite looks is to wear a ribbon necktie with a crisp white shirt. To recreate Alexa’s style, head down to your local haberdashery and pick up different lengths of ribbon. Plain black is always stylish, as is velvet. If you are feeling a bit adventurous you could try a tartan ribbon or maybe a neon tape to add a pop of bright colour to an otherwise basic white shirt.

One more fashion tip; Look no further than the school uniform section of your local bargain store for your classic, white shirt. Boy’s school shirts tend to have a looser fit while the girls’ school shirts are more fitted. A plain white shirt is a go-to look for just about any occasion and buying from a discount store means they are well-within budget.

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