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How to Layer by Stefania and Shana Morland

One thing that’s worse than saying goodbye to summer? Saying hello to the ‘in between’ season of having nothing (or everything) to wear. Cool mornings, warm days, nippy nights… what’s a girl to do? Well, with this advice from the showstopper brand that is Stefania and daughter, Shana Morland, the answer to that question is – plenty! Because whatever the occasion, the temperature or the fabrics involved, layering is not only practical, economical and versatile, it’s also fashionable and fun.

With years of experience in the industry, Stefania and Shana have made it their goal to produce thoughtful and functional quality clothing, and these brilliant ladies have built a household name based on original and exclusive designs. Special attention is given to detail as they focus on layering pieces that can be worn in more ways than one. And the end result? Beautifully crafted garments that enhance creative freedom and self-expression. Having dressed the likes of Jo-Ann Strauss and Lindiwe Suttle, it’s no wonder this mother and daughter duo has the answers we need. Learn to pile it on with this designer advice!


How can I wear layers without looking like a lumpy mattress?

Playing with different fabrics and textures is very much a part of the Stefania Morland style and most of our garments are created with layering in mind. The key is to work with your figure when layering. If you’re wearing a busy, frilly skirt, don’t add a loose, flowy top – you’ll just end up looking like a house! Instead, team it with something simple and tight, like a fitted vest. When done right, layering can help accentuate your best assets. Dark jeans always help make legs look slimmer, and they’re a great base to pile onto; be playful with a cami or shirt, and top it off with a leather jacket. Afraid to play around too much with your clothing? Start out small with a bright scarf. It’ll add colour to your outfit and draw attention to your upper half. Don’t overdo it though – with too much fabric, or too many looks going on at once, things start looking bulky.


Is there a rule about layering different fabrics or textures?

We don’t agree with rules in fashion – rather find out what works best for you, and remember that what looks good on one person, might not flatter the next. But we do love breaking up hard textures with softer ones; mixing a sequined jersey or leather jacket with a floaty fabric like chiffon. Another very sophisticated mix (and ultra-trendy this season!) is faux fur with sequins. It’s a blend you can pair with dark denims for a casual look, or with a party dress for a more glamorous affair. Contrasting fabrics can add a whole new element to an outfit: a leather jacket teamed with a draped chiffon dress can turn a simple outfit rock ’n roll, while a satin shirt added to dark, tight trousers will create softer style. An outfit is more interesting when a variety of textures have been used – using one fabric from head to toe can look dull.


How should I layer with light and dark colours?

Again, there’s no firm rule here. You can try something simple, like breaking up a dark look with a bright, patterned scarf, or you can contrast dark and light colours for a figure-flattering effect. Not too fond of your thighs? Then wearing a darker hue over this area will help slim it down, while a bold, graphic top will draw eyes away from your problem area.


What are the best layering items?

We like to mix luxurious textures with understated ones. For example, we’ve combined faux fur jackets, soft chiffon shirts and high-waisted shorts this season. Our most popular item is our wrap top – a layering must-have and a girl’s best friend for any occasion! It’s also fun to play with trendy knee-length socks – great for warmth when the weather gets cooler. Wear them with either dresses or skirts, depending on the occasion. And you can never go wrong with an investment in a beautiful piece of material to swathe around your neck and shoulders.


With so many layers, is it still necessary to accessorise?

Jewellery finishes off an outfit – just don’t wear all your accessories at the same time! Instead, stick to the law of opposites. Going glam with your layering? Then simple accessories will give you an understated, elegant look. Simple outfit? Then bold costume jewellery will finish it off perfectly.


How can I wear the layered look for a night out on the town?

Start with a great pair of jeans and a fitted vest. Than add textures like a chiffon top or cotton shirt, a faux fur or leather jacket, or even a sequined jersey, and finish it off with a plain pashmina. It’ll add glamour to your outfit without looking too try-hard; plus it’s simple and edgy.


How do I layer for the office?

Play around with different textures when putting together your workwear look. A fitted tweed skirt, or dark straight leg trousers with a satin blouse, cami and blazer make for a sophisticated look. That way, when you take off layers during the day, you’ll still look great. Black and white work beautifully for the office, but to liven up a monochrome outfit, bring in colour with bold accessories. Try adding a long, chunky necklace, in either gold or silver, or coloured stud earrings. And you can never go wrong with a pair of killer red heels!


What must-haves should every woman own for layering?

Every woman should own a loose, boxy-shaped chiffon top, a faux fur jacket and a beautifully patterned scarf that can be worn day or night to liven up an outfit. Also, invest in strong, statement accessories that are versatile and can help dress a look up or down.

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