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Model behaviour

Maybelline spokesmodels Kemp Muhl and Erin Wasson are known as two of the most beautiful women in the world. Here, they share their tricks on how to fit in with the modern Supers.

“I wear sunscreen every day but to be honest I’m a bit of a vampire and I usually only go out at night – that’s why my skin is so pale [and perfect]!” – Kemp

“When it comes to beauty, everything starts with skincare – you need to find the products that really work for you because if your skin glows, the rest falls into place.” – Erin

“One of my favourite products is actually Coconut Oil, which you can find at most health food stores. It takes off even the heaviest makeup and leaves my skin feeling soft and smelling great. And I drench my hair in it overnight after big shows.” – Kemp

“I feel sexiest after I’ve had a great massage – that or a glass of red wine make me feel fantastic!” – Erin

“I always wear my boyfriend [Sean Lennon’s] cologne as I love the slightly androgynous effect that comes from a woman wearing a man’s scent.” – Kemp

“I’m a fan of the stained wine, almost antique look you get from dark plum lipsticks – it’s slightly gothic and very sexy.” – Kemp

“I always take the time to really cleanse my face at night – even if I’m exhausted or have had one drink too many. If I don’t it’ll really show the next day” – Erin


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