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Perfectly scented!

It’s not rocket science but there is an art to applying your favourite fragrance (and getting it to last!). Here are 4 tips on how to get the most out of your signature scent.


Know your points

You’ve always been told to spritz your perfume on your pressure points, but do you know where they are? They are the warmest spots on your body like the nape of your neck, back of your legs and cleavage. The heat on these areas will help intensify your scent.


Layer it

Layering doesn’t just apply to your wardrobe. Look for the body lotion version of your favourite fragrance, apply just after you’ve got out of the shower while your skin is still warm and damp. Then mist your scent on to maximise its staying power.


Easy does it

You don’t want to overpower everyone with your fragrance so make sure are able to smell the perfume you have on in soft, occasional whiffs. Your nose adjusts to and neutralises your scent after having it on for several minutes which means that while you might not be able to smell your fragrance, everyone else can!


TIP: Want your fragrance to stand the test of time? Keep your fragrance bottle out of the sunlight. Exposing it to the sun’s rays can make it go ‘off’.

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