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Springclean your life!

Sometimes even grown-ups need a Fairy Godmother – which is where Donna McCallum, 34, comes in. A life coach who specialises in “turning wildly improbable dreams into reality,” Donna has been giving motivational talks and courses since 2006 – encouraging literally thousands of people to realise their full potential.

In our September issue, the Fairy Godmother helps you springclean your life, from revitalising your relationships to massaging your mind – get the new issue for your full springclean plan. Plus, Donna will be online with GLAMOUR on 3 and 5 September, giving you live, free life coaching and answering your questions!

And to celebrate GLAMOUR’s collaboration with the Fairy Godmother, we caught up with one of the her biggest fans, Natalie Becker, to find out what all the fuss is about.

GLAMOUR: When did you go to see the Fairy Godmother?

NATALIE: About two years ago I attended Donna’s Dream Mapping Workshop where she helped me to make my dreams and goals clear, and then set out an action plan on how to achieve them. I made a dream board, talked about my ambitions and learnt about the power of using affirmations in my life. I went with one of my friends and Donna was just so inspiring and exciting.

GLAMOUR: What were the main things that you learnt?
NATALIE: The workshop was packed with so many valuable life lessons, it’s hard to break them down here. But the Fairy Godmother taught me to be more fearless, to dream bigger and to believe in the power of my dreams and my own ability to turn them into a reality.


GLAMOUR: And has it worked?
NATALIE: Absolutely! I believe that we create our own realities within our universe and that our thoughts are immensely powerful in shaping our lives – we just have to acknowledge them and claim our power. That’s where the affirmations come in – teaching our minds to treat our dreams as real possibilities that we can genuinely achieve. I’d definitely recommend her courses and workshops.

The Fairy Godmother will be live with GLAMOUR answering your life questions on Twitter and Facebook. Send us your questions by posting them on our Facebook wall or tweeting them at us with #fairygodmother now, and then log in to Twitter from 2.30-3.30pm on 3 Sept and Facebook from 10.30-11.30am on 5 Sept to get your answers live! Plus, send in your questions and you could win a place at her Dream Mapping Workshop in either Joburg or Cape Town, worth R990!


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