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GLAM Chat: Cassandra Featonby-Smith

Cassandra Featonby-Smith’s bold, neon designs speak for themselves, but we still wanted to sit her down and learn more about what inspires her, how to dress the rope jewellery trend, and how the Project Limited Editions: Cassandra Featonby Smith range at Mr Price came about. Read on to find out how a love for making things with her hands is leading to an exciting creative career that you’ll want to watch – and how you’ll be wearing the rope jewellery trend this season


GLAMOUR: How did you get started as a jewellery designer?

Cassandra: I studied fashion but I just love making things with my hands. I was moving around between Joburg and Durban and didn’t have my own space to sew so I got into jewellery as a way of keeping busy on the move.


How did your collaboration with Mr Price come about?

I was selling necklaces at the I Heart Market when I was jobless, and all of the Mr Price staff were my best customers. Then they decided to give me this great opportunity! I love Mr P!


What inspired you to use rope as the main material in your designs – and how did the metal come into it?

My interest in rope particularly was sparked by the macramé trend that started in the ’70s and is back in a big way – fashion always repeats itself. The metal came about after one of my hardware store walkabouts when I was looking for something that would thread onto rope.


Tell us why we’ll want to be wearing neon colours this summer?

They immediately make your skin look sun-kissed!


What word would you use to describe your creative process?

One word? Make-mistakes.


Who has taught you a lot about style?

I think it’s better to learn what not to do first, then you can create your own style.


What do you look out for when choosing a statement piece of jewellery?

I always seem to go for the piece that jumps out at me from a distance.

What’s your best beginners’ tip for wearing jewellery?

Sometimes it takes a while to feel comfortable wearing something new, I suggest starting with a base of favourite basics and add one piece of jewellery. Soon you’ll be stacking up!

How do I know if I’m wearing too many accessories?

When a simple gesture like a wave is too much hard work.


What’s on your wishlist?

A sunny holiday!


Want to get your hands on Cassandra’s limited editon designs? They’re avaialble in selected Mr Price stores now, or you can shop for them online here.

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