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3 Ways to feel confident under pressure

Famed for her warmth, vivacity and endless legs, Liezel van der Westhuizen, 33, is not only one of SA’s most talented media personalities, but also a stunning multi-tasker whose personal goals have ranged from completing the gruelling Iron Man in 2010 and the Dusi Canoe Marathon in 2012 to learning to speak isiXhosa. As she sees it, “There’s always time to do more. I’ll just have to sleep less!”


Here our Media Diva and GLAMOUR Woman of the Year shares her 3 tips to feel confident under pressure!


1 ‘Be yourself! No one else can be you, so it’s what will make you stand out. But also, if you’re being yourself, you’ll immediately feel more comfortable and confident.’

2 ‘Wear a little bit of makeup. Even when I’m doing radio DJing, where no one can see me, I always wear a little mascara and gloss – it makes me feel so much more confident, which is then projected in how I talk.’

3 ‘Practise makes perfect! Whether you’re giving a speech, going for an audition, or even just posing for a picture, the more you’ve rehearsed what you’re going to say or do, that more confident you’ll feel when it comes to doing it. Know which camera angle suits you and practise posing so it feels natural when you’re in front of the camera. Or, if you’re doing a speech, practise giving it in front of friends or family who will give you honest and helpful feedback.’


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Compiled by Sarah Browning. Image by Richard Keppel-Smith.

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