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That’s What She Said

On 8 August at The Grand in Cape Town and 11 August at Joburg’s Sunday Funk, GLAMOUR will be celebrating some of the best in female DJ talent. Fantastic local acts like Vanessa Holliday, Nicole Weitz, January One, Keren Onay, Thalia and Nick Essential will be joined by the ultra-talented Karina from Ibiza, so we asked her a few questions about what she’s expecting from the event!


We’ve got twenty-five sets of tickets to give away to the That’s What She Said events in Cape Town and Joburg! To stand a chance of winning, tweet at @GLAMOUR_sa or post on our Facebook wall with the hashtag #ThatsWhatSheSaid and your city – and tag whoever you’d take along with you in your post.

GLAMOUR: That’s What She Said is about showcasing female talent in the DJ industry. Who are some female DJs whose work you’re excited about?

Karina: Since I’ve met Jenny and Maggie from Girls Gone Vinyl (an organisation supporting female DJs in Detroit), I’ve met many women who are out there doing their thing: who take people on a journey with their music and who don’t have to jump into bathtubs to be successful (laughing). I’ve always admired Cassy for her music selection and timing – music is definitely a feeling! Kate Simko from Chicago is another strong personality and creative soul: she rocks!


What’s the toughest thing about being a woman in the music industry?

Not being taken seriously.


And what’s the best thing about it?

You can always find a man to carry your records (laughing).


Could you tell us a little about The Zoo Project?

The Zoo Project takes place in an old abandoned zoo in the hills of Benimussa, Ibiza, every Saturday throughout the summer. There are three stages featuring the best underground DJs from the house and techno music scene, incredible performers- dancers jugglers, the asian barbecue area, swimming pools, small passages and sidewalks. Daytime and open air – it’s an experience like no other!


What are your hopes for That’s What She Said?

Im really excited for my debut in South Africa and cannot wait to share my music and dance with you all! My hopes? As I play vinyl only and I was told its quite rare in this part of the world I hope that the turntables will be connected properly… But seriously: really looking forward to this!


Of all the cities you’ve played in around the world, which has been your favourite?

I have quite a few cities I love, but it’s the location and energy of the people that you party with that make a night special. One of the best things about this job is the surprise factor – you go to some random city in deep Poland and people are so open and up for it, that you have the best time with them in a place you didn’t even know existed!


Chicago and Detroit with the Tied and NBFC crew earlier this year were spectacular and my birthday at CDV in Berlin with Dana Ruh, Julietta and Anthea, as well as the 7th anniversary of Blk Market at Output in NYC were nights to remember!


What makes playing at outdoor parties – like That’s What She Said and The Zoo Project – special?


The energy of a daytime and outdoor party in beautiful surroundings is very different to playing a stage at a festival or at a huge dark club. All three can be very exciting, but being in a garden in the Mediterranean with swimming pools, a barbecue area, pine trees and cactus gives you a special sway feeling of being far away and lost in summer. It’s great to detach yourself and simply have a great time! I’m looking forward to discovering That’s What She Said!

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