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Nicki Minaj shares her beauty secrets!

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Nicki Minaj drinks Aloe Vera water to get perfect skin.

The rapper struggles with spots so makes sure to religiously remove her make-up before bed and incorporates mineral-rich Aloe Vera water into her diet, which has an ultra-hydrating effect on skin as well as helping digestion and immune function.

She admitted to LOOK magazine: “I definitely wouldn’t say [my skin is] flawless! If I fall asleep with my make-up on, I’ll definitely have a breakout. And I’ve been drinking Aloe Vera water. It doesn’t taste nice, but it works.”

She also never leaves the house without a slick of liquid eyeliner because it enhances her dramatic Barbie-inspired beauty look.

Nicki said: “I always make sure I have perfect my eyeliner before I apply lashes. I have really small eyes so a liquid liner helps open them up and disguise the lashline.”

The singer is releasing her second scent, Minajesty, and believes the fragrance boasts a truly unique combination of notes to tantalise every fan.

She enthused: “I’ve never smelled anything like it! It’s feminine with fresh florals and peach, but then there are vanilla and musk notes that give it a bit of mystery and darkness.”

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