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5 Tips for buying a wedding fragrance

How to choose a wedding scentHaven’t found your wedding scent yet? Before you start spritzing, read our get-it-right guide. You – and everyone who catches a whiff – can thank us later!

1 Go in the afternoon, when your sense of smell is at it’s peak.

2 Find your fragrance type. Are you “fresh” (i.e. a fruity floral) or “Warm” (e.g. a spicy musk)? Picking one will help you tailor your search, says Chris Wyatt. Head of global education at Jo Malone.

3 Don’t be a follower. Body chemistry can change the way a perfume smells, so what works for you BFF – or your favourite celeb – may not work for you.

4 Skip the blotting strips – because you won’t know how a scent smells on your skin until it’s, well, on your skin. Aim at atomiser at pulse points like your wrists, neck, and dĂ©colletage. And limit yourself to two scents per shopping trip to avoid olfactory burnout.

5 Sit with it. Most perfumes take at least half an hour to dry. And until one does, you won’t be able to smell the top, middle, and base notes. So take a little walk before you commit.

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