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18 Problems only curly-haired women have

GLAM(RAWS)-1621 Accepting that a good hair day is like Narnia – you’ll never get there the same way twice.

2 Thinking that a tropical island holiday sounds more like a frizzy ordeal than a fun excursion.

3 Getting weird looks form the cashier when you buy one shampoo, but four conditioners. One is never enough.

4 Waking up at least two hours before your man does, so that you don’t terrify him with your huge, untamed mane.

5 Having your identity questions because you straightened your hair for your driver’s license photo.

6 Regularly losing your earrings and finding them two days later… in your hair.

7 Dealing with random people touching your head. All. The. Time.

8 Getting annoyed when someone offers to straighten your hair after you think you’ve done a pretty good job of it yourself.

9 Chasing women with beautiful curls down the street to ask which products they use.

10 Putting plaits in your hair to get a wave, and ending up with an Afro instead.

11 Buying a curling iron to make your locks less curly.

12 hearing your friends complain that you never wear your hair loose for a full day.

13 Having to accept that you will never have a ‘sleek ponytail’.

14 Feeling like you’ve personally funded the entire haircare industry. And then having to ask for a raise to support the habit.

15 Realising that the knot in your hair is actually an elastic.

16 Being complimented on your ‘messy bun’ when you were aiming for a neat one.

17 Having hair that retains more water than a pregnant woman.

18 Knowing that you will never be an effortless, ready-in-five-minutes kind of girl.

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