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11 Hair dramas that can happen to anyone

1 you’ve spent an hour on your date ‘do and the two-minute walk from his car to the restaurant, Mother Nature unleashes enough wind and rain to ensure that you’ll spend the evening looking like a wet hedgehog.

2 In a post-break up fit of “Something must change!” you decide to chop off your locks and dye them blue. So now you’re still broken hearted, but with bad hair, too…

3 Your fringe is getting in your eyes so snip a bit off, but oops, it’s not quite straight, so just one more bit, hmm and maybe a bit there… And before you know it, you look like Lisbeth Salander.

4 Your new stylist suggests something “very urban, very experimental, very you” and, bored with the same cut for to years, you agree and settle down with a magazine. Fatal mistake.

5 For five nights in a row, you’ve had shiny, pretty locks, but on the sixth you decide to embrace the frizz. Naturally, that’s the night you bump into your ex and get tagged in 15 Facebook photos.

6 Your friends organise a surprise birthday party, hurray! And all you can keep thinking about is whether it would be rude to sneak away for an hour to wash your hair.

7 You love your new fedora – so New York! Then you get to work and realise you can’t remove it because it’s caused hat hair. Cue a day of typing, eating, meetings and kissing in headgear.

8 You take up swimming and love the exercise, but after a month you have to make a choice between buns of steel and hair that looks like it belongs to Shrek.

9 The only ponytail prop you can find is a giant glittery scrunchie and you simply have to wear a pony today.

10 You’d love to go to more pool and beach parties, but your hair just can’t take the sun and salt water air, so your entire social life suffers.

11 You’re doing the walk of shame but trying not to look like it when you glimpse yourself in a mirror and realise that the bird’s nest on your head is all the proof anyone needs of your wild one-night stand.

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