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4 New rules of online dating

It’s now taboo if you don’t try it. Here are 4 easy tips for putting a profile together.

1 Picture quality really counts

A few years ago, profile pictures were all about poses and facial expressions (but this was also back when a blurry shot of a guy in his bathroom mirror was OK). Nowadays you should treat your profile like your Instagram. We are used to seeing high-quality images,
so use techniques you would use for social media: a cool filter or an editing app.

2 Do away with general phrases

We might be masters of self-publicity on social media, but selling yourself romantically can feel like one step too far. Most people use generic terms like, ‘I’m easygoing’, as a fall-back… but there’s too much competition out there for that to cut it. Rather consider what makes you different and use buzzwords that stand out – whatever will make someone linger for longer.

3 Don’t only use one site

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket! Forget those paranoid thoughts of “what would happen if someone from site one saw you on site two and realised you still hadn’t met anyone?”. Register for at least three dating sites, gauge interest, and then invest in one. You’ve got nothing to lose!

4 It’s all about networking

Thanks to dating apps, the end goal of meet-ups has changed. Don’t always think of app-based dating as a quest for ‘Mr Right’ – it’s also a way to make new connections. And if you’re worried about being led on, just ask – it’s really about dating honestly.

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