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Get glossy locks, now!

Mary Katrantzou Spring 2015 RTWWith winter comes a lot of change: we change our bikinis for cozy coats, our sandals for comfy boots and our crop tops for chunky knits. Although we love winter for these things, there is one change that occurs which no women is a fan of. Dry hair.

Cold temperatures and wet weather strip your hair of all their natural moisture, which leads to tresses that look and feel like they’ve spent their lives in the Sahara desert… But fear not because, as always, GLAMOUR has your back! Ria Gyapersad from Glampalm Hair has given us 5 foolproof tips to restore your hair to its former glory AND minimise the damage caused by the winter weather.

1 Coconut it
We swear that coconut oil must be the best gift the earth has ever given us. It contains vitamin E and essential fatty acids that strengthen and moisturise hair naturally. Heat some up and spread through your hair. Massage. Enjoy the soft and shiny result.

2 Shock it
If your hair is particularly dry it may be time to bring out the big guns, ie: shock treatment. A deep conditioning treatment will moisturise your hair from root to tip. Just remember that you might need to do this a few times before you see the results you want.

3 Protect it
Want an effortless solution to protecting and strengthening your hair from within? Well, it’s as easy as taking a daily dose of Omega 3. Yip, just taking a pill a day will combat dry and brittle hair, help with hair loss and recondition a dry scalp! (Oh, and it makes your skin glow!) 

4 Treat it
A bad hair day means one thing: time to whip out the styling kit! Although styling your hair will make it appear sleek and healthy for the day, frequent straightening and drying will cause long term damage to the hair. Consider investing in a straightener which treats your hair while styling.

5 Cut it
Change is as good as a holiday and cutting off those split ends does wonders for your hair and self-esteem. Step into spring with a new healthy hairdo.

Want more high-shine advice your hair will love? Grab your copy of the March issue of GLAMOUR! Want some more tips on caring for your locks? Check out our 5 favourite hot hair tools, or learn how to lift lacklustre hair.

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