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How to get salon-worthy curls with your flatiron

How to get salon-worthy curls with your flatironWe get super frustrated when we try to curl our hair with a straightening iron, and it just won’t work! Seriously?! How do hairdressers make it look so simple?

We gave up trying on our own and consulted a pro – and it turns out it’s totally possible to create flawless curls with a straightener ALL BY YOURSELF! Ria Gyapersad from Glampalm Hair shares her simple tips for curling hair with a straightener.

1. Prep your hair with a heat protectant and secure a small section in your flatiron.
2. Twist your wrist and the iron into a half turn, pull and then twist again. Repeat this 1-2 times depending on the length of your hair.
3. For tighter curls, wrap the section of hair from midshaft to ends around the flatiron, as you would with a curling iron and twist.
4. Repeat these steps on your entire head.
5. Once you’re done, gently comb your fingers through the curls to break them up. Shake your head to distribute the volume equally throughout your hair.
6. Spritz on some hairspray or apply serum to hold your curls.

Ria’s Tips:

  • Depending on the look you want, vary the sizes of the sections and the length at which you start curling.
  • For a more laid back, beachy feel, keep the tips of your hair out of the iron.
  • For a more voluminous, wavy look, change up the directions of the curls near your face.

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