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How to makeover your beauty routine

Get your beauty routine in order for the New YearThe mania of the festive season is over and we’re all either back at work or heading that way soon. Start the year off in an orderly fashion by getting your beauty routine sorted and organised before the year gets away with you.

Here are 5 things we do at the beginning of the year to get us on the right track.

1 Throw away expired products

We know you love that lipgloss you bought in uni, and yes, we know that eye cream was expensive, but it’s time to let go. Expired makeup and skincare is a playground for germs and bacteria that want nothing better than to give you a rash or infection. Gross.

2 Have a January declutter

In the same vein as the expired stuff, take a good look at your makeup and skincare and get rid of anything you don’t or won’t use in the next 6 months. You don’t have to chuck it; give it to friends and family who will use and cherish it.

3 Do a serious clean

Ok, so this isn’t technically ‘organising’, but knowing that your makeup brushes, bathroom cabinet and makeup storage are spotless will make you feel virtuous for weeks. And let’s face it; you’re more likely to want to use clean products than you are grubby ones.

4 Get skin analysis done

Many of us go through life thinking we know our skin type and issues, but never seem happy with our skincare results. That’s because we don’t actually know what’s going on with our skin. Pop to a Dermalogica counter for Skin Mapping, or ask your facialist to give you a proper break-down of your skin type and problem areas. That way you’ll save money on useless products as well as have great skin to face 2016 with.

5 Decide on a daily routine

Create a failsafe quick daily makeup routine. Create and practice

Emmy is the daughter of a sailor, animal loving, coffee addicted, beauty product junkie editor of Rouge.

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