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5 Foods to avoid before your wedding

5 Foods to avoid before your weddingLook, let’s be honest, eating right is never easy. However, if you desperately want fresh, clear, glowy skin on your big day then you’ve got to get onboard with our clear skin program ASAP! The best way to kickstart your wedding skin plan is by cleaning up your diet and cutting back on these complexion killers.

1 Dairy
Yes you’ve got to ditch the dairy, especially if you suffer from breakouts. So, wait does that mean no milk in your coffee? Not even a little bit?? Well let’s put it this way, milk (especially if it’s not organic) is loaded with hormones that increase inflammation and oil production – hence your skin flaring up. If you can, try and switch to a nut, rice or oat milk instead.

2 Sugar
Ok, this shouldn’t be news to you but sugar is bad. Really bad. Not only is it bad for your waistline (yes, we’re looking at you chocolate!) but it’s one of the worst things you can consume for your skin. Why? Because it actually degrades the collagen and elastin causing you to age prematurely. For a healthier option, rather reach for fruit but snack in moderation as fruit also contains naturally occurring sugars.

3 White foods
Sorry white bread, pasta, rice and pastries… you’ve got to go! Refined carbohydrates are often high glycemic foods that get converted to sugar in your digestive system, which is bad news for your skin (see point 2). If you’re craving carbs, then rather reach for complex grains like brown rice and quinoa, which contain fibre and vitamins.

4 Fried Food
While they’re oh-so-delicious, they so bad for your skin. While there is such a thing as ‘good’ fats, the fat that’s used to fry your chicken takeout definitely isn’t one of them. Fatty, oily foods raise insulin levels and leave your skin looking puffy. So if you’re eating out or grabbing a takeaway rather choose something that’s grilled rather than fried.

5 Alcohol
If you want skin that’s dehydrated and dull, then by all means finish that bottle of wine. Alcohol sucks moisture out of your skin leaving it flaky and red. While there’s noting wrong with having a glass or two once in a while, just be sure to sip on plenty of water. To get rid of toxins, start your day by drinking a hot cup of water with a squeeze of lemon.

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