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What to wear on a first date

What to wear on a first dateFrom app dates to internet dates, there are so many ways to meet a potential suitor. But what happens when you swipe right on each other’s profiles or get matched by some complex algorithm and have to actually meet IRL?

He’s seen your pics (the best ones were taken years ago or have about six different filters) and read your profile, so how do you live up to your online image and then some? It’s all about that first impression.

Lucy Walker shares the fashion lessons she’s learnt over the years, to help guide you through the all-important process of choosing a first date outfit.

1 Work out which part of your body you like best and show it off

My legs are ok, so I’ll often wear a mini skirt with a jumper or loose tee and low heels. If you’re reading this thinking you don’t like anything about your body, this year’s off the shoulder trend is perfect for you. Who has bad shoulders? There’s no harm in showing a bit of skin just not too much.

2 If you’re going on lots of dates find an outfit that works and stick with it

I discovered that a stripy top teamed with a pair of flattering Levi’s and a low, comfortable heel was the perfect date outfit. I felt fashionable but was unlikely to intimidate non-fashion savvy boys.

3 Dress date appropriate (within reason)

I once made the mistake of going on a first date (walk in the park) with an outdoorsy type. Not wanting to intimidate him with my fashion credentials, I opted for a puffer jacket and trainers. He arrived looking tres chic in a shirt and a peacoat. I felt underdressed and under-confident. #firstdatefail.

4 Comfort is paramount

This is not the time to road-test those great new heels, go braless when you usually like full support or wear a bodycon dress if you prefer looser shapes. Uncomfortable you could well equal a dud date. 

5 And finally… Be yourself

And by that, I mean the best version of yourself. I once let some of the girls at the office dress me for a date (fishnets and heels). I felt ridiculous and proceeded to drink far too much to over-compensate. It didn’t work out…

Taken from GLAMOUR UK. Click here to read the original.

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