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Get toned this summer

BodytecThis summer, a few of the GLAMOUR girls attended Bodytec with the hopes of getting their bodies summer-ready. While we didn’t walk out looking like Kendall Jenner, we did notice a few welcomed differences – more defined arms and abs slowly starting to form!

We sat down with the founders of Bodytec, Boris and Sandra Leyck, to find out a little bit more about Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training.

How many sessions do I need to start noticing a change in my body?

You’ll feel a difference after your first EMS training session. As your body releases endorphins and major muscle groups are activated, you’ll experience increased physical awareness, resulting in an improved posture. After a day or two, you’ll feel some muscle stiffness, which is normal and is indicative of your body’s recovery process. Within a period of about 4 weeks, you’ll feel stronger and different muscles will improve to coordinate movements more effectively.

What is the difference between Bodytec and spending time in the gym?

Let’s start by talking about what EMS training is NOT. It is not a quick fix or a sweat-free experience. One 20-minute strength training session a week is tougher than hitting a regular gym – and gets equal or better results. The intensity of the Bodytec equipment allows you to thoroughly work out all areas of your body, whilst also effectively targeting problem areas.

What should I be doing in conjunction with Bodytec for the best results?

Besides strength training, cardiovascular exercise and a balanced nutrition are of utmost importance. We offer free nutritional guidelines and our personal trainers can assist with finding the right nutrition program to suit your needs.

Are there any dangers or age limits?

EMS training was developed in the medical industry and is safe. However, certain medical conditions are known to be contraindications. If you’re pregnant, suffering from an acute illness, or have a pacemaker or electrical implant, EMS training is not recommended.

Visit to get your Bodytec EMS trial at a reduced rate. For more information, email or call 021 418 3479.

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