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5 Ways to be intimate (without having sex)

5 Ways to be intimate (when you don't feel like having sex)With all the pressure to be a supportive spouse, a tiger in the bedroom, a cordon bleu chef, a loving mother and a successful career woman, it’s no wonder that many of us struggle to keep the fire alive in our relationships. By the end of the day, most women are so exhausted that they don’t have the energy to be intimate. 

With this in mind, it’s important that we make the most of the time we do have and ensure that our romantic gestures are being received loud and clear. Relationship guru Ali Murray shares five ways that you can show love to your significant other. Find out which one they appreciate the most and stick with it!

1 Spend time together

No cell phones, TV, friends or family. Just you and your partner giving each other your undivided time and attention.

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2 Do something new

Engage in exciting activities with your SO. Go for a hike, hit the gym, go dancing… The possibilities are endless!

3 Compliment them

Whether it’s “You look great in those jeans” or “I think you’re amazing”, sharing uplifting words with your partner will put them in a happy space. And pretty soon they’ll start to reciprocate.

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4 Lend a helping hand

Little things like packing them a lunchbox, fixing the broken Wi-fi or washing the car may mean the world to your loved one.

5 Give them something special

Gifting your partner with something you know they’ll love shows that you’ve been paying attention. Pick up coffee from their favourite cafe or buy them that new CD they’ve been wanting.

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