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Find the stripes that work for YOUR shape

Show your stripesThick or thin, vertical or zig-zag, this season’s biggest trend can be worn in multiple ways. But with so many rules and regulations, how do you find one that suits your figure? Follow our guide to being the best in stripes, here.

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Tulip dress London Hub at Zando R529

If you’re… pear

Horizontal stripes on the top half of your body are the way to go. Vertical lines are better for your lower half.

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Peplum dress MRP R99.99

If you’re… hourglass

Luckily for you, you can pick and choose your stripe. But stay away from loose-fitting items. Instead, emphasise a narrow waistline with cinched dresses and tops that focus on the midsection.

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Off-the-shoulder mini Sissy Boy R400

If you’re… petite

Go with skinny, vertical lines. Pinstripes are great as they elongate and complement your figure.

Show your stripes
Striped midi dress Contempo at Spree R350

If you’re… apple

Find items with stripes that run in multiple directions. They create a narrowing illusion and will give you a slimmed-down look.

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