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Your A-Z guide to excellent summer hair

Your A-Z guide to excellent summer hairThe dog days of summer are upon us and that can only mean one thing (aside from the fact that now’s the time to stock up on heavy-duty antiperspirant and sweat proof makeup). We’re entering prime hair damage season: that long window between summer and autumn where the temps are brutal and the humidity (and pool chlorine) is even crueller. There’s hope for us all, though! We rounded up the essential facts you need to know to protect and style long, short, curly hair and more during the summer – presented here in a helpful A-Z guide. Enjoy!

A: Argan oil

If you buy one new product this summer, make it something with argan, the popular African nut-derived oil, which moisturises hair and fights dryness better than anything else. Work in a R1-sized amount to revive dull ends. Or coat hair from root to tip, wrap everything up in a warm towel and sit back for an hour. TRY L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil (R143)

B: Brassy hair? Not you!

Summer sun and pool chlorine can turn hair all kinds of yellow, red and even green (we know, yuck). The problem is especially pronounced if you have blonde or red highlights – and the best solution is to use a purple-hued toning shampoo (which cancels out yellow in highlights) regularly. TRY John Frieda Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Shampoo (R115.95). If you’re considering dyeing your hair and want hues less likely to turn brassy to begin with, colourist Christophe Robin says, “Go with warmer tones.”

C: Curls, yes

Curly girls, summer is your season – the extra humidity works in your favour by adding bouncy volume. Make sure your curls stay defined with a lightweight hydrating cream and apply it while hair is damp. Our favourite: Dark&Lovely Olive Oil Moisturiser (R26.95).

Daria WerbowyD: Daria hair

Seriously, it’s a thing: The Daria in question, Canadian supermodel Daria Werbowy, has such iconic beachy waves that editors and stylists actually throw out the term on set, “Give her Daria hair!”. How to re-create? Spritz alternating sections with a salt spray like Lee Stafford Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray (R119.95) and a dry-finish styler like ghd Curl Hold Spray (R210). Wrap those strands around a curling wand. Shake out (don’t brush) to finish.

E & F: Embrace frizz!

You can’t escape it completely this is summer, after all. But give your frays a little direction. Work a volumising foam like Hask Mint Almond Oil Root Thickening Spray (R139.95) into almost-dry hair, before tying on a ribbon for a more intentional, retro effect.

G & H: Grow your hair

We know you love long hair in the summer (the better to braid, top-knot and twist up), but if you’re not quite at your dream length, you can help things along with a growth-boosting serum after every shampoo. We love: African Pride Olive Miracle Growth Oil (R36.95).

I: Instant chic

Every time you want to go from the pool to somewhere more presentable just smooth on a hair mask throughout damp hair, then comb it back into a low-slung bun. Try using the Noughty Intensive Care Leave-In Conditioner (R149.95) with the Tangle Teezer Salon Elite Brush (R240).

Your A-Z guide to excellent summer hairJ: Jewellery for your updo

A cluster of embellished pins is the perfect touch for this easy style. Make sure to keep them close to a twisty bun.

K: Keratin lite

Want to loosen your waves or curls but keep the volume? Try a gentler keratin straightener (which stretches out your hair’s natural bend but won’t make it pin-straight) like Marc Anthony Bye Bye Frizz Keratin Smoothing Blow Dry Cream (R164.95).

L & M: Last minute styles

Our favourite summer hair solutions don’t require much – maybe a hair tie there and a few clips here, max.

Your A-Z guide to excellent summer hairN, O & P: New oversized ponytails

Can we talk about the seriously luxurious – and giant – ponies trending on the runways? They start with a thickening styler like TRESemme Beauty-full Volume Hair Maximiser (R59.95) raked through dry hair. Smooth with a paddle brush and tie back, then tease the ends.

Q: Quit the blowdryer

So you really want shiny hair? OK. Put down the heat tools. Summer is the perfect time to go wavy, curly, whatever you naturally are – and let your hair recover.

R: Repair masks

We’re very into deep conditioning in the summer. Try replacing your shampoo with a mask once a week (rinse hair with water, apply mask for a few minutes, rinse again and air-dry). TRY Dr Miracle’s Super Deep Conditioning (R26.95).

Your A-Z guide to excellent summer hairS: Scrunchies 2.0

Scrunchies are back, guys. Rock a drugstore version or do a semi-scrunchie by wrapping a strip of colourful fabric around a chunky bun. Gorgeous.

T: Treatment from the top

So you need next-level hydration? Double-up on your moisturising efforts! Hair and scalp serums loaded with soothing green tea, like Kérastase Initialiste (R695), are great for nourishing damaged hair, while masks packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients, like ORS Hair Fertiliser (R109.95), help calm and balance scalp irritation.

U & V: UV Protection for hair

No, your hair can’t get sunburned (though your scalp can – put sunscreen on it!). But UV rays can fade your colour and make hair drier. So throw on a hat!

Your A-Z guide to excellent summer hairW: Waves!

One of our favourite tools to style them: BaBylissPro Nano Curling Iron (R299), which gives you perfect waves every time.

X: X-tra cute haircuts

Feel like a change? Consider a blunt, full-bodied bob. Ask your stylist for hidden layers to give volume.

Y: YouTube inspiration

If you like a good hair how-to video, you’ll love YouTuber Marianna Hewitt. Don’t miss her easy, messy approach to summer hair. (She starts with it down, throws it up, and clips it.)

Z: Zinc

News from the science front: “Moderate to severe zinc deficiency has been associated with hair loss,” says Dr Francesca Fusco, a scalp and hair dermatologist for Clear Haircare, who suggests loading up on foods like quinoa, buckwheat and black beans to get your fill.

Taken from GLAMOUR US. Read the original article here.

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