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7 Things natural hair needs

Every woman wants her hair to be as healthy as possible, right? We asked the pros for their top tips on how to get perfect, nourished and happy natural hair this summer.

1 Moisture and protein 

“All hair needs both types of products,” says Sean Swanepoel, education manager for Redken and Pureology, “just in different ratios. Chemically-treaded hair needs more protein while curly, frizzy locks need more moisture.”

2 Wash once a week

“No matter what your hair type – natural, relaxed or with a weave – keep your scalp clean,” recommends Brian Warfield of Tanaz Hair Body & Nails. By removing dead skin cells, dirt and grease, you create a healthy scalp environment for your hair. Otherwise it will struggle to grow.”

3 Exfoliate your scalp

“Get rid of a flaky scalp and help your products work more effectively by mixing together a tablespoon of Himalayan salt with your shampoo and applying to dry hair,” says Shelene Shaer of Tanaz Hair Body & Nails. “Rub in circular motions, then wash. The salt dissolves and the dry flakes are swept away.”

4 Treatments are a must

If you’re having any type of chemical service done, a conditioning treatment is essential for glossy, healthy hair.

5 Towel-dry before you condition 

“It helps get better coverage. Comb through to the ends with a wide-tooth comb. Leave on for five minutes and rinse,” says Brian.

6 Deep cleanse 

“Use a clarifying shampoo twice a month. Any greasiness you may be experiencing could be due to product build-up on your scalp,” says Ria Gyapersad, creative director at Glampalm.

7 Learn to love your texture

“The benefits of going natural mean that your hair will be in better condition,” explains Brian. “As a result, it will grow longer and stronger if you learn to take proper care of it.”

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