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A-list locks: Pearl Thusi’s hair secrets

Want healthy hair? then you better listen up, because these are pearls of wisdom! Pearl Thusi spills her secrets to bouncy, happy (and healthy!) hair.

1 Give your hair the break it deserves 

“Keep your ends trimmed and rest your hair between styles. Ethnic hair especially needs a break between treatments and tight styles,” explains Pearl. We suggest trying very loose cornrows every few weeks to give locks a breather.

2 Don’t over wash

“Avoid shampooing too often as this strips out natural oils. And find a combination of shampoo and conditioner that works for you,” says Pearl.

3 Hydrate!

Pearl is right,”If you’re hydrated, so are your locks!” Eight glasses of water a day keep you and your hair healthy.

4 It’s about balance 

“Eat well-balanced meals, get eight hours of sleep, and eat plenty of fruit and veg,” says Pearl. Remember, your lifestyle has a direct effect on the condition of your hair.

Have you got hair questions? We have all the answers, here. If you’re looking for more hair tips and tricks, get your copy of GLAMOUR Hair.

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