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#Trending at Milan Fashion Week

Fashion Month has officially reached its third stop: Milan. From Dolce & Gabbana to Aniye, Fendi, and everything in between, trends are becoming more diverse than ever. Explore all the standout runway looks from the best fall collections here.

#Trending at Milan Fashion Week
Dolce & Gabbana | Blugirl | Roberto Cavalli

1 Unleash your animal instincts

The trend: Animal prints

Why we love it: We’re wild about making a statement! From zebra to leopard, the trend is versatile and daring, fun and chic.

 How to wear it: While it’s tricky to pull off, designers have broken all the rules and made prints more wearable than ever. Go big or go home, and wear an all-over print. If your style is more subtle, pair your print with black and make it the focal point. Or, if you’re new to the trend, start slow with animal print accessories like a pair of pumps, or a chic mini cross-body bag to jazz up a casual simple outfit.

#Trending at Milan Fashion Week

Byblos | Angel Chen | Marani

2 On the prowl

The trend: Fur coats

Why we love it: Oversized, bright or print, fur will add an air of instant glam to your look.

How to wear it: Think you can’t pull off faux fur? Think again! Faux fur is making its way back into fashion in a big way, thanks to designers like Annakiki, Missoni and Agnona. Just throw on a cosy coat over your usual winter look and you’re good

#Trending at Milan Fashion Week

Jill Sander | Albino Teodoro | Fendi

3 Colour me pretty

The trend: One-colour dressing

Why We love it: Colour transforms our mood, transporting us to a happier, more joyous place. Plus it’s incredibly striking too!

How to wear it: Hot on the heels of colour blocking, committing to one shade from head to toe is all the rage right now. And we’re not talking about an all-black ensemble either. Embrace a bolder, more vibrant style with super bright colours, and make sure to keep it simple – you don’t want to look like a highlighter! Go for streamlined silhouettes like a full-length dress, jumpsuit or tailored suit, or layer up, and match, match, match!

#Trending at Milan Fashion Week

Dolce & Gabbana | Annakiki | Beccaria

 4 Suited and booted

The trend: Girl power

Why we love it: Suits are badass and chic, and a quality wardrobe investment. Not only that, they’re easily adaptable to your personal style too.

How to wear it: Gone are the days of suits being confined to the office. For an ‘off-duty’ look, go for a deconstructed jacket and loose-fitting trousers, half-tucked top and sneakers. Or play with a sleeker style and wear a crisp shirt or polo neck, or ditch the top altogether and go bare underneath.

#Trending at Milan Fashion Week

Aniye | Giorgio Armani | Genny

 5 Feel me, touch me

The trend: Velvet

Why we love it: Our favourite A-listers like Alexa Chung can’t get enough of this must-have fabric, and quite frankly, neither can we. As summer draws to a close, there’s no better way to enter the new season than with a touch of tactile glamour.

How to wear it: This retro fabric has been given a modern twist by designers. You’ll find it in everything from strokable jackets, dresses, tops and velvet flares to accessories too. Rock your denim jeans and slogan tee with a pair of crushed velvet ankle boots and show everyone how style is done.

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